Arco cordless for FFT and touch ups between grooming appointments.

When it comes to poodles, due to the way their coats are the prep work you do before cutting is just as important as the actual hair cutting. It will help a great deal to give your poodle a good bath first, and dry them really well before you even turn on those grooming clippers.

i have a toy poodle, he has very thick hair and i can't find clippers strong enough to cut his hair...what clipper would be best to use?

We have a cock a poo. Their hair is very dense and almost matted by the skin. What is the best clipper to use for such a thick coat. We have tried the common clippers but it seems that the hair does not get near the blades and pulls instead of cuts the hair.

Which clippers are best to get through a poodle coat?

If you’re one of them or just an Andis fan, this is a very valid pick for good clippers for poodle hair. We have a yorkie poo that is so scared at the groomer, we have decided to buy our own clippers and clip her ourselves. Her hair is so curly yet has little wiry pieces from her breed. It sounds like the andis 22215 will be good for her. I have no idea about blades or blade sizes. Any recommendations? She is about 13 lbs and has the personality of Scrappy-doo

Poodle Grooming Tools | What to Have in Your Grooming Kit

I have a toy poodle with really thick hair and an Italian greyhound cross toy poodle who is very sensitive. We like to give them a short cut all over. We have just started doing it ourselves but our clippers aren't good at all. They were meant to be for dogs, but they are not made for poodle fur. What should we get and what blade? Do we need 2 speeds? Ps. Awesome web page - thanks for the great info.

We highly recommend the Oster or Wahl pet clippers

Poodle coats are more difficult to get through than most other dogs coats. If you don't do all of the prep work you will likely run into problems with blade clogging and hair pulling which is not very pleasant for your pooch. Even the best clippers on Earth can clog up if you neglect to clean the fur first - so don't skip it! Think of it as pampering your doggie, the same way you might enjoy a nice shampoo before you get a haircut at the salon.Poodles are fantastic dogs, of course, but when it comes to hair care, they’re definitely one of the more high maintenance breeds. Their soft, curly coat may be plush and posh, but it also needs care on a daily basis, and a trim at least every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking fantastic. Unfortunately, this can also mean that many poodle owners spend a large amount of money paying for professional grooming services; learning to groom your pooch yourself, however, not only lessens the load on your pocketbook, but allows your pup to have a spa day in the comfort of their own home. Where to start, you ask? Let’s begin with a look at some of the top pet grooming clipper brands out there today.