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Sky Nursery has everything you need to keep your plants happy--outdoors and in. Fertilizers and soil amendments in all flavors plus the pest and disease control products to make your garden thrive. We offer many organic and natural solutions to make gardening safe for you and your pets. (As well as harkening back to our origins as the local feed store with chicken feed and pet treats and products.)

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This Silver Lake lifestyle boutique offers pieces from high concept designers like Dries Van Noten plus minimalist favorites like Black Crane and Rachel Comey, all laid out in gorgeous display alongside luxe shoes, home goods, apothecary items, and more. If you’re looking for men’s gear, skip two doors down to the similarly stocked Men's store (and don't miss Lacausa, housed right in between, while you're at it).

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Plants Plus Prairie City Pop Up Store. 82 likes. Open 6 weeks a year in the Spring selling bedding plants, flowers and baskets. Plants Plus Inc. is a wholesale florist, supplying the retail floral and event-planning industries. If you would like more information on becoming a Plants Plus Inc. customer, please .

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Because spent nuclear fuel is cool enough to transfer to dry casks after five years, more than 80 percent of spent fuel that is currently in cooling pools is now eligible for dry cask storage. Considering that the spent fuel will need to be transferred to dry casks at some point so it can be shipped to an interim or permanent waste site, it makes sense to do that sooner rather than later to better protect communities surrounding nuclear power plants. Plus, today’s nuclear plants already have the necessary equipment (such as heavy-duty cranes) and the personnel to get the job done now.

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Hello Dr. Borysenko,
I wanted to leave a comment on your FB page, but FB says you have reached your friend limit so here I am!
I am currently reading your book, The Plant Plus Diet Solution, and am finding it very interesting, but I am confused about one point in particular. It has to do with grains and flours.
As far as I have understood, you personally do not eat any grains and very few legumes. In the Plant Plus Lite chapter you encounter your friend in the restaurant, and she states that she has given up all flour. In that same chapter you make the recommendation to eliminate anything containing “white foods”, such as sugar and flour. Do you mean that in the Plant Plus Lite choice one eliminates white flour, such as white wheat and white rice flour, but can consume whole wheat, corn, spelt, and buckwheat flours, for example?
Sorry to be so long-winded and thank your for your time.
P.S. I met you once in San Francisco, many moons ago, when you gave a talk about your book The Ways of the Mystic, which I still on occasion read parts of!
Anna MariaLA-based designer Lily Ashwell makes affordable, laid back apparel as well as custom bridal wear. Her Venice Beach shop, which opened last summer, stocks her eponymous line plus a dreamy selection of locally sourced home goods that give off the same elegant earth mother vibes. The company was founded in 1976 in Los Angeles by President and CEO Dennis Swanson and his wife, Vice President and Designer Manja Swanson. From and , the company moved into and is now a full multi-channel retailer and the largest specialty lighting company in the United States. LAMPS PLUS maintains international offices and manufacturing plants, and its website was picked as one of the top fifty retail websites by Internet Retailer magazine in 2004. The company has made the top 200 of the list every year it has been published. In 2011, the Lamps Plus catalog app was selected as winner of the RIS Mobile App of the Year award for customer experience. In addition, Lamps Plus is a member of the . The company and Dennis Swanson hold several for lighting design, including a floor lamp design with two adjustable side lights and a lamp having a low light level replaceable bulb. Dennis Swanson has also served as past President of the American Lighting Association. The company has worked with a number of industry designers and personalities, including industrial pattern designer Stacy Garcia, furniture and lighting designer , lighting designer Robert Sonneman, artist , and the Los Angeles pop artist Ragnar.The plant-derived power of our ECOS™ All Purpose Cleaner Parsley Plus will get almost any surface clean! Use it almost anywhere you can think of: sealed stone, hardwood floors, painted surfaces, linoleum, vinyl, porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, wood, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, etc. Plus, the unique scent of Parsley will bring the freshness of a lush garden into any room.