Skeezix: Why are we doing meditations this week insted of Chey and Ichi?
Mao: I think Chey is away gitting Liposukshun on her big booty.
Skeezix: So what do we have to do?
Mao: Meditate on the meening of this saying by two of the most profowndest fillosoferz of the 20th sentury.
Skeezix: Well this one’s easy.
Mao: Whut do you think it meens?
Skeezix: You can’t always get Fancy Feast Grilled Turkey in Gravy, but if you try reel hard you can brake into the treet drawer and git those soft-center Greenies. Or Pitr Pats.
Mao: You ketch on qwik little buddy. How about brakin’ into that treet drawer for me and bring back some Friskies Party Mix?

St Pat's never scored a point while Tech scored 25, IS of them by Marcel Pitre.

Pop bought me some Christmas stuff on Cyber Monday. I’m not going to say how many things on this list I’ll be getting. Heh heh! Autumn used to love those Pitr Pats.

Pit'r Pat Candy For Cats from King Wholesale Pet Supplies

Cardinal Pats well spoken of as the one most likely to be the successor of Pitr La After about week coaxing her with pats, placing her there after meals and in the morning as well as giving her Pitr-Pats which had been used as reward treats for a while prior to the Litter Kwitter, I moved back to the red disc.

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