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I have heard lots of moms say that their husband would flip if they put a pink diaper on a boy (my sons had both pink and purple!) or painted their sons nails, bought him a pink shirt…I am lucky that my husband doesn’t really care! When we went to Build a Bear the first time, my son chose a blue bear with pink peace signs on it. The next time, he chose a Hello Kitty, along with pink Hello Kitty underwear for her. It didn’t bother my husband a bit when he wanted the same pink pretend makeup kit my daughter had chosen for her bear.

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Prevent odors from leaking into your little one's nursery with this bubula steel diaper pail, featuring an air-tight lid. PRODUCT FEATURES Durable steel & aluminum construction can be converted to regular trash can use Easy-to-reach ergonomic lid design Safety lock prevents spills & avoids little hands from opening the lid Compatible with standard-sized can liners or bubula plastic diaper pail bags 25"H x 11.33"W x 11.33"D Steel, aluminum Wipe clean Manufacturer's 60-day limited warranty For warranty information please click Imported White: 64417 Gray: 64418 White gray: 64418 Blue: 64420 Pink: 64421 Sage: 64455 Purple: 64456

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Littleforbig Adult Baby Onesie Diaper Lover (ABDL) Snap Crotch Romper Onesie Pajamas – Cosplay Magical Girls Pink Onesie Skirt Set I have a pretty plentiful cloth diaper stash. I didn't really need any more cloth diapers for my Baby Bear. When I first prepared for his arrival, I brought up all my gender neutral colors and left my pinks and purples downstairs in their storage bin. Honestly, we had so many, I didn't see a need to bring them all up. But then, we discovered he is quite the heavy wetter and can sometimes go through more than one diaper an hour. On one particular day we counted 17 dirty diapers! If he didn't sleep so much, it would have been many more. So, I grabbed the pretty diapers and added them to his stash.

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Pink printed plastic backed diaper is made up of 5 Layers, with an absorption rating of 3,000 ml 5000ml, ( large diapers will absorb more.)Each D..

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Pink printed plastic backed diaper is made up of 5 Layers, with an absorption rating of 135 oz/3,000 ml, ( large diapers will absorb more.)Each Diaper..A 9-month-old, Caucasian, male infant presented for evaluation of intermittent pink diaper staining since the age of 4 months, more often observed in the first morning diapers. He was noted to be straining occasionally while voiding. Additionally, he was not thriving normally, and in the past 5 months his weight had fallen from the 64th to the 8th percentile and length from the 49th to the 37th percentile. There was no history of fever, chronic diarrhea, urinary tract infections or urinary stone passage. He was the product of a full-term gestation and was developmentally normal. He was the first child of non-consanguineous parents, and the family history was unremarkable. On physical examination, no dysmorphic features were observed and blood pressure was normal; all other findings of the physical examination were within normal limits.I am new to cloth and everything I have ordered so far is neutral colored or blue's green's etc. Well my most recent order was 6 Bum Genius 3.0's. The website I ordered from had buy 5 get one free. The website offered 6 colors so I got one of each color. Well one of the colors happened to be pink. Just for fun do you/would you put your boy in a pink diaper?I didn't really plan to, but it just worked out that I have some pink diapers, and no girl to use them on. I bought one used, and the picture looked orange, but when I got it it was bubblegum pink. I got it for a great price, so I wasn't upset about it. I also found one that was brand new at a place going out of business, and it was a super deal, but it was light pink. I couldn't pass up the deal, so I bought it. We use those as our at-home dipes. Micah certainly doesn't care that they are pink, and DH doesn't put up too much of a fuss.