This how you take links off of pinch collars. And how to put links on

I received the collars today, removed three links which seemed to be a good fit, and we went for a walk. She is fairly well-behaved (she's a rescue dog), but does occasionally pull away from me when she sees a squirrel. Today she pulled only once. The collar worked beautifully; however, during the course of the walk, the collar slipped down somewhat, reaching the position your website shows as too low. When we got back home, I removed one more link (now a total of four), but when I fastened the collar this time in the proper position, she choked, and the prongs seemed already to be pinching.

In case your wondering, I haven’t recommended a pinch collar for any client in over a decade.

Good for you, I am in agreement , throwing food at a dog is not always going to get you the results you want. I use a pinch collar for training and have had wonderful success. Well behaved happy dogs.

The Pinch collar if used correctly is a wonderful training TOOL.

Herm Sprenger quick release pinch collar and how to put it on and how to fit it to your dog's neck The two collars I want to focus on for this post are the Gentle Leader and the pinch (prong) collar, mostly because they are on the opposite ends of the “spectrum.”

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When I was teaching my mutt Ace to walk nicely on a leash, I used the Gentle Leader in some situations and a pinch collar in others. Now that I have another maniac on a leash (A.K.A. my puppy Remy), I am once again using both tools – separately, of course.

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Of all the tools used in dog training, perhaps none is more widely misunderstood and maligned than the prong collar (also known as the pinch collar). Many well-meaning but misinformed people assume that judging by its looks, the prong collar is a barbaric device intended to "stab" a dog's neck in order to correct misbehavior. While walking my own dogs on this type of collar I have encountered complete strangers who think nothing of telling me how cruel I am to use such a harsh device. While I am indifferent to this type of comment, I worry that similar incidents will drive responsible dog owners away from using this excellent, effective and kind (yes, kind) training tool on dogs that benefit from it the most. This article is meant to reassure those who are already using the collar or are considering it and more importantly, to educate those who think it is "cruel" or unfair to the dog. With that in mind another thing to consider is the size of your dog. Choke chains come in many different strengths and sizes, and only come in two. One is large, heavy links and the other is smaller, lighter links. Although the pincher only comes in the two sizes, it is very easy to expand by purchasing extra links. You will have to buy larger chokers as your dog grows, but you only have to purchase extra links for the pincher collar.