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Inflatable life vests are designed for safety, but they should also keep you comfortable as the waves roll by. If you're planning on paddling back and forth and need plenty of wiggle room, inflatable PFD belts might be your answer. Jackets provide a traditional fit, but you won't notice any restriction thanks to flexible fabrics that move with you. Sleek, low-profile designs minimize weight to help you keep your cool and feel light on hot days in the water.

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Many kid size life vests are quite affordable, so there is no need to purchase a size too large and let the child "grow into it". In fact loose fitting, wrongly sized PFD's for children are not only dangerous, but could be considered "no PFD" by the marine patrol and could get you a ticket.

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Life Jackets, Inflatable Work Vests, & PFDs | Fisheries Supply Fishing vest PFDs provide the best of both worlds. They feature an assortment of pockets for carrying gear and supplies, and are fully functional life preservers.

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Kemp life vests are made of high quality materials for long lasting durability and dependability. Vests include three adjustable belts for user safety and size versatility. Weather resistant polypropylene fabric resists fading and strength loss from UV exposure. Features adjustable between-the-leg strap for added security. Available styles include Life Jacket and Universal Life Vest. Sizes are Infant, Child, Youth, and Adult. Buoyancy ranges from Less than 50 lbs. to 90 + lbs. Package quantity is 1. Colors are Blue/Black, Orange, and Red/Black. USCG approved Life Jacket/Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Dimensions vary per model.

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Onyx outdoor recreation products provide reliable, dependable and trustworthy gear you are looking for to keep you outdoors longer and will allow you to experience nature on your terms. Onyx products are comprised of a complete line of rainwear, inflatable life jackets (PFDs), fishing and hunting life jackets, pet vests and paddling life vests. Also in the Onyx lineup is our cold weather apparel and accessories for hunting and ice fishing. Products include: jackets, parkas, bibs, pants, boot insulators, gloves and beanies featuring ArcticShield heat retention technology as well as base layers, gloves, beanies and balaclavas featuring X-System odor control technology. Explore the outdoors in a new way with our exciting line up of new products sure to enhance your fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, camping, or any other memorable outdoor experience. Our products will make a good experience great...and wherever you're going, we'll be keeping you there.Specialized life jackets include shorter-profile vests commonly used for (especially ), and high-buoyant types for and other whitewater professionals. PFDs which include harnesses for tethered rescue work ('live-bait rescue') and pockets or daisy-chains (a series of loops created by sewing flat nylon webbing at regular intervals for the attachment of rescue gear) are made for .