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I pretty much like to reek of perfume so I don’t do mists, but if you know your perfume has a vanilla base and you spray it over the Vanilla Lace lotion – omg!

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“We chose the Precious spray, because it provides a dual sensation of gentleness and, through the quality of its diffusion, it reveals all the sensuality of this perfume with romantic aromas. The mist effect brings a real richness to the product which is different from the pumps usually chosen for the Lancôme range,” explained Laura Pommereau, Marketing Director at Lancôme.

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Factory Price Mini 5ml Atomizer Fine Mist Glass bottle Spray Refillable Fragrance Perfume Empty Scen... Commercially made perfumes, body sprays and colognes can be very expensive. Since many of them are made with harmful synthetic chemicals, known allergens, hormone disruptors, and irritants, these products can also cause a range of negative health effects. Luckily, making a customized perfume mist at home is incredibly easy to do! With so many scent options and recipes available, the combinations are seemingly endless. Making your own perfume mist at home is a fun, simple project that will save you money and keep you healthy.

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Hair fragrances are among some of the unsung heroes in our beauty arsenal--just one pump works to mask any unwanted aromas your strands may have picked up, while providing a scent-sational alternative to the traditional way you apply perfume. When it comes to now-iconic fragrances like Thierry Mugler Angel or Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, we admit, we tend to get a little heavy-handed with the spray and walk-through routine. Can you relate? Reach instead for the lightweight hair mists! Thierry Mugler's spritzer ($40; ) packs the exact same gourmand notes you fell in love with decades ago without being too overpowering, while the Flowerbomb hair fragrance offers up an airy, daytime take on the original scent's sexy rose, patchouli, and jasmine elements.

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La Nuit Trésor, the new fragrance for women by Lancôme, opens a new chapter in the history of the luxury brand, with a romantic and inviting perfume featuring Aptar’s fine mist spray pump called Precious. Colognes are scented liquid products typically made of and various fragrant oils. They are also called eau de cologne. A Perfume is a product that imparts and diffuses a fragrant odor, especially a volatile liquid distilled from flowers or prepared synthetically. A fragrance mist consists of fine drops of a liquid, such as water, perfume, or medication, sprayed into the air. Colognes, Perfumes, and Fragrance Mists contain special ingredients that help to apply and disperse the fragrance ingredients and make sure that they stay on the skin. The safety of Colognes, Perfumes, and Fragrance Mists is established by selection of ingredients that are safe and suitable for this purpose. In addition, Colognes, Perfumes, and Fragrance Mists are assessed for their potential to cause skin or eye irritation or cause allergic reactions. Product safety is also ensured through strict adherence to the principles of Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices. This includes testing the compatibility of the product with packaging as well as shelf-life stability. Finally, the safety of products is monitored in the market-place through reports of consumer comments and complaints. Companies include a phone number on their products where comments or complaints may be reported. For more information on Fragrances: