Dr. Anderson has 30 yearsof experience working in parasitology.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand reveal to us today about a health issue that Evan is experiencing currently with regard to the parasites discovered in his stool tests. Listen as they share with us the things that can be done to get rid of these parasites via conventional medicine approach versus the functional medicine methods.

Alex Jones interviews Dr. Ed Group on the topic of parasites and how to eliminate them naturally.

Dr. Amin has taken Parasitology to a professional level of expertise. I have had extremely ill patients who have had negative stool tests and Dr. Amin has found multiple parasites. His secret is to not use destructive stains and to simply look at the specimen. He can even identify bugs by the ripple signature on the slide like a good sonar operator can identify enemy submarines. Through his work, Dr. Amin has helped me be a better physician.

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Depending on the size of your pet, Parasite Dr. will last 15 – 60 days. Dr. Ed Group: Well, yes. I mean, if you have pets, you want to make sure that you clean your pet of parasites. You can use the same things. I mean, you can just empty out the capsules. That’s what I do. I have a dog. I just empty a capsule of Paratrex in their food maybe once a week and I’ve never had my dog hit the vet, have heart worms.

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In the case of Dr. Parish....he had intestinal parasites. That's why he became a parasitologist. Originally he was a psychiatrist. Evidently, he went through the same challenges that we are experiencing....no help from doctors. He had one advantage...having a medical degree gave him the opportunity to research and to experiment on himself. His conclusion at the time was there was no cure. He couldn't cure himself. Yet he would prescribe antiparasitics just the same. And Dr. Parish had his own lab tech right there to immediately check the fresh sample. He made sure to have a lab tech familiar with parasites. The man was from Haiti...a third world nation where parasites abound. I have a friend that is Haitian and she has always suffered from one parasite or other. But in Haiti they didn't make you jump through hoops and doubt you. They understand the problem and treat you. Even so....my friend still has problems.

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I have been practicing alternative medicine for the past 34 years. I became interested in the problem of parasite infestation early on and I even had a parasitologist from Africa who worked in my office for a period of time. I came to understand that although my medical school training taught us the various parasites there was no one in the local labs who could make a diagnosis. I became acquainted with Dr. Omar Amin in 1992 and realized that I needed his help to properly diagnose the parasites. He subsequently opened his lab and it didn't take long for his work to flourish. Undoubtedly we must consider him Mr. Parasitologist. He has published many research papers, travels widely to attend conferences in his specialty and makes himself available for consultations. Thank you, Omar, for the good work that you do and for profound scholarship. Dr. Omar Amin is an outstanding authorized expert who practices parasitology with great enthusiasm and accuracy. I have experienced his efficiency in parasite identification, as well as in training young parasitologists. The way he deals with parasite identification, whether in clinical practice or in research, reflects his passion to this science. The state of the art technique he follows together with the experience that his center has gained along the years, allowed him to help solving many clinical puzzels and reveal many hidden pathogenic illnesses. His diagnostic abilities and care for patients have helped physicians, nationally and internationally to treat their patients successfully.