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If you are looking for a compact bird carrier to take your small to medium size bird with you on short trips, then the may be the solution for you. Paradise bird carriers are well suited for transporting your bird to the vet, or as a carry cage to transport him safely with you in your car. They are ideal to use for smaller birds and parrots that spend most of their time out of their cage, or on your shoulder. Paradise Perch n Go bird carriers are transparent to allow your bird to look out and observe his surroundings as he travels, and also allows you to easily keep an eye on your bird to check that he is okay.

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So my husband and I have been discussing getting a backpack-type travel cage for Marcus. He is just in love with his Paradise Perch and Go travel cage--rather, he is in love with the fact that he can leave the house with us now--but honestly I think another carrier would be better for him, something we can really take him out and about in, comfortably, for longer spells. I know a number of forum members here have the Pak-O-Bird carrier, but I like the idea of the Adventure Pack a little better because it is a real cage inside of the backpack, and therefore would seem a bit stronger and more durable to me.

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