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I yesterday went to a thrift store that I used to visit several years ago. The store was very busy with clients on a Sunday and I spent a long time looking thru lots of collectibles. The only things I found were a very clean used childrens' Musk Ox toy that had a baby Ox on top and a Yamaha Baroque Alto recorder. The Musk Ox was large and I asked the cashier to hold it for me. I later walked to the cashier and went to pay for both when I sadly found out that they'd sold my Musk Ox to another client. I was extremely upset to say the least but the recorder was 50% discounted so it cost my only about $2.50 instead of $5.00. I haven't yet found the same exact same Musk Ox toy that I'd almost purchased yesterday. Moral: don't leave anything with a cashier at a thrift store if you really want it and if you have to leave it with the cashier then pay for it and have them put it in a closed bag or take it to your car. Lesson learned.

Vintage Early 1900s Hubley Kenton Cast Iron Toy Black Driven Ox Drawn Log Wagon | eBay

Ox (CEO/Designer)
Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, worked in apparel for years until he decided to go into business for himself.Oxballs has been in business for 8 years now and it only keeps growing. What started in a small garage has exceeded a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Ox now has a full team under his belt which allows his all the time he needs to sit and create these naughty kinky creations. He is very lucky that he has built a career in something he is very passionate about. Chuy-Jesus (Sales and Marketing Rep)
Started his road with oxballs last spring in the back of the warehouse trimming and bagging toys. He has since then worked himself up to front office work where he attends multiple tradeshows during the year showcasing the line and selling it to distributors and wholesalers all over the world. He’s no stranger to the BDSM kink community, currently lives as a collared boy to his Master and lives a life of service.

Chou Dendou Robot Tetsujin 28 Go Fx [Black Ox] Ko Toy - YouTube

ANTIQUE INDIA BRASS TEMPLE TOY BULL~ STEER~OX~ON THE WHEELS~HEAVY BRASS #MADEININDIA Star Wars Day is tomorrow! To celebrate, this week’s toy is a custom OX Pop Uglydoll with Darth Vader mask. Who is going to be watching a Star Wars marathon? “May the Forth be with you!”

Knit Ox Cow Farm Toy Nursery Decor Babe the Blue Ox Waldorf - Etsy

Use your imagination and create your own awesome OX-Eyed Robots with the MINTOYS Robot collection.
One of the best ways to learn about robotics is to be hands-on and build your own robot.
Inspire their imaginations and challenge their minds with the latest MINTOYS OX-Eyed Robots. Both robots are geared for action and are in super-cool futuristic colours.
Meet Turbo. Just like his name Turbo is super fast and likes to think he is as strong as a tank. Unlike other robots he runs on caterpillar tracks which help him go at speed on any rough terrain. He has big blue eyes that can turn 360 degrees. So there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when Turbo’s looking for you. He likes to think of himself as a secret agent and ready for any assignment. Build him from 362 pieces and watch him come alive!
Meet Spider. Spider likes to think of himself as unique and different to other spiders as he only has 6 legs. He says this makes him faster and more agile than other spiders. He has big red eyes that also turn 360 degree, so nothing gets past Spider. So watch out if Spider is about! Spider can never stand still is always on the lookout for the next big adventure. Can you tame him? Build him from 373 and watch him come alive!
Turbo and Spider occasionally meet and when they do they have fun and make themselves into one super-cool awesome 4 eyed robot that is twice the size and twice the fun. So make sure buy Turbo and Spider for double trouble and double the fun
Fantastically engaging for children aged over 6, encourages patience and focus in children, while developing their logical thinking skills and creativity. The MINTOYS Robot collection is a great way to challenge and inspire your children, and so rewarding when they have completed the build.

Hours of fun for children (and parents who we are sure will not be able to resist helping).
Inspire you little ones today. A great way for them to learn but have fun at the same time
MINTOYS has the coolest building kits from toy robots, or building your own fairground- perfect for kids and hobbyists
Have a look at Ribbit and Roo robots. Smaller than Turbo & Spider but still as much trouble. Watch out when these two are about

Clay Ox toy made by Nuer boys, South Sudan ..