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Heavy duty cord covers and heavy duty wire covers are a great option if you are looking to protect cables and wires in a more externally-traumatic environment. Intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic need heavy duty floor cable covers and heavy duty floor cord covers to withstand the frequent weight being applied in order not to damage them. Heavy duty cable covers are therefore best used for active outdoor locations like busy streets and intersections.

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Install the transformer in a central location near an outdoor GFCI outlet. Mounting it on a post allows you to easily change the photocell’s orientation. Connect the 10-gauge main wires to the transformer by stripping off 3/4 in. of insulation, twisting the small strands together, then attaching them to the terminals. The 600-watt transformer shown (about $300) has a built-in timer and photocell, two circuits, and a switch and terminals for setting voltage output to 12, 13 or 14 volts. Since the transformer will always be plugged in, you must replace the standard outlet cover shown with an in-use weatherproof cover, available at home centers and hardware stores.

"Outdoor Miner" by Titania is a cover of Wire's "Outdoor Miner"

Wire Guard Indoor/Outdoor Cable Covers (need these for outside the house) .. With our Outdoor Smooth Mould® Cable Cover, you will effectively route your outdoor wires and cables around corners and down drops, without leaving runs visible. It is a wetable and resilient cover, designed for exterior applications and crafted from material used in window and doorframe applications for hardy reliability. Unique from other raceways, the Outdoor Mould features connecting accessories which slide behind the profile rather than snap over-top. Snapping connectors leave gaps and elevated areas, fracturing attractive appearances of covers. The Outdoor Mould appears seamless however, sleekly concealing and protecting cables while being fully weather resistant. Coming in 5’ lengths which can be cut to custom size, the Cover features a hinged, dome profile. The hinge allows insertion of wires to be easy and significantly safer, so even when balancing on a ladder you do no need to juggle a separate profile along with your cables. As well, there is no unattractive flange flanking the lengths, further enhancing aesthetics. Crafted from durable PVC, the material in inherently UV resistant, as well as boasting color retention and resilience against pinking, therefore sunlit exposure will not hamper appearance. The Outdoor Smooth Mould is ISO compliant, and is UL 94 rated. Impervious to cold temperatures, impact and combustion, these covers will enhance the appearance of your building while durably standing the test of time and the elements.

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The most significant difference between NM cable and UF electric wire is the type of sheathing that is used. Although NM cable is covered with a covering on the outside of the wiring, the strands of wire themselves are usually protected with little more than a paper wrapper. On the other hand, UF cable utilizes , and each individual wire is also enclosed in a protective sheath. This is an addition to the regular insulation that is installed on the thin gauge electrical wire. Therefore, UF electrical wiring offers much better sheathing protection than the NM type and is rated for outdoor, in-ground, and damp-area installation.

"Outdoor Miner" by Timonium is a cover of Wire's "Outdoor Miner"