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Especially in comparison with the T Outliner, the T Finisher also stays quite silent and cool. Andis’ trimmer poster child is well-known for its power, yes. However, its motor leads to some overheating issues. It’s also noisier than Oster’s offer on the table.

PROFESSIONEL TRIMNING, SKÆR TIL TRIMMER MODEL . Oster 3 er lavet af høj kvalitetsstål. Bladet passer...

My personal tip would be to consider Oster’s . It will greatly improve how the T-Finisher trimmer performs. Compared to the stock T-blade, the T-shaving blade achieves finer, closer and overall more detailed trims and cuts. Not cheap at all, but worth it. You’ll get 1/125″ trims and better cutting action with textured hair.

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Oster trimmer med 3 hastigheder. Effektiv kraftfuld motor. Letvægts klippemaskine. Ergonomisk design. 365 cm strømkabel. With the high quality of Oster barber clippers, a lot of people forget the company’s trimmer potential. Which is a shame given the pure class of Oster products.

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The Oster T trimmer enters the stage clothed in a slightly bulky casing. Adding a bit of weight to the grip you’ll get with it, it feels as a proper barber tool. Despite its bigger size than comparable trimmers, the T-Finisher has a narrow body. In other words, don’t fret about maneuverability. You’ll get plenty of it.

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Where the Oster T trimmer excels is smaller surfaces and accuracy. Its T blade is narrower so you’ll have an easier time maneuvering around tinier, more delicate areas.Oster’s T-trimmer is on par with other leading professional groomers. It will perfectly fit an or that for a true Oster barber experience. You’ll score precision cuts and great detailed work.Last but not least, the slightly unexpected bulky feeling of the T Finisher trimmer. However, if you’re familiar with Oster, you know how their vintage designs are.The trade off is lack of accessories and the Oster T Finisher blade details I discussed before. Overall, though, the Oster T trimmer is definitely worth the money. A great groomer, no doubt. Just make sure it suits your needs.A great selling point with this model is the cool, quiet operation. The brand’s products are usually exactly the opposite, but here Oster have outdone themselves. Much smoother experience compared with other heavy-duty trimmers.Oster has been a respected manufacturer of professional grade clippers and trimmers since 1924. Oster clippers and trimmers offer quality and value to any level of groomer.