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Hi everyone, me and my husband have recently become pet parents. We started with just one small Chihuahua, I spent hours researching a safe and good quality dog food. Orijen has a lot of positive reviews, haven’t seen any recalls. They did have a recall for their sister company Acana in 2011. Anyways, our Chihuahua eats so little we can afford the high price Orijen. Well now we adopted a shepherd mix and she is going to get big. I have been debating on whether to down graded our choice in dog food. However, I still can’t seem to find a food that I feel comfortable with, maybe natural balance. My point is I am going to stick with Orijen as long as I can afford it. I am feeding the little one Regional Red, but we are going to switch to the Adult food which is poultry and fish and 15 dollars cheaper. I have been researching stores that carry Orijen in our local area to find any deals. We will see how our shepherd likes the Orijen puppy food.

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Orijen Regional Red boasts one of the most impressive ingredient lists of any food reviewed. Regional Red is brimming with nutritious protein sources, two-thirds of which are either fresh or flash-frozen raw. In total, the proteins originate from six different animals (including beef, boar, goat, lamb, pork and fish), and include organ meat, cartilage and other components to make this a whole-prey recipe.

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We'll begin this review of Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Food Regional Red with a detailed discussion of the ingredients. I’ve emailed Orijen to know avail, what kind of testing have they done for performance dogs? I have tried their Regional Red and my 80lb working dog actually dropped weight and stamina which was a double negative. I’m not completely sold on the cost of the food I think it’s definately a step up from what we have seen in the past, but can someone verify which Orijen formula they use for performance dogs b/c as of right now I can’t justify the cost of continuing to pay their ridiculous price only to see negative results from the products I used previously.

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Orijen is a winner…for my dog at least, a 16 lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But, years ago when I made the transition off another brand, I found I had to watch the portions very carefully. In fact, I feed less Orijen than my previous brand. She simply doesn’t need as much of the kibble; I feed by Orijen’s instructions. Initial overfeeding caused very loose stools, gas and a prolonged the time needed to transition to it, but all that went away once I understood the quantity issue. That transition was on an older formulation. She still does well on the newest formulation except she likes it better. Of the three “flavors,” she likes Regional Red, Adult, and 6 Fish, in that order and I rotate among them.

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