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From crossbills to goldfinches, the Nature's Nuts Premium 4 lb. Multi-Bird Nyjer Thistle Seed draws a variety of beautiful birds. The nyjer thistle seeds are heat-treated to prevent germination for lasting enjoyment. Rich in oil, the nyjer thistle seeds

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This 5 lb bag of Nyjer Thistle Seed (may be spelled Niger or Nyger) will delight the birds in your area. Sterilized to prevent germination, these high fat seeds are a favorite of sparrows, finches, mourning doves and other colorful birds. The handy 5lb bag fills many bird feeders to capacity.

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lovely The Dirty Gardener Nyjer Thistle Bird Seed - 25 Pounds But my problems were with brand-new seed. When sellers or distributors hold onto unsold Nyjer too long, it may dry up before we buy it. Also, because Nyjer is related to thistle and could germinate into noxious weeds, the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires it to be heat-sterilized before sale. If it is heated at too high a temperature or for too long, those essential oils might be dried before the seed is even packaged.

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Known by many names, the nyjer bird seed started out as “” (pronounced NYE-jer) and imported from Nigeria. Unfortunately, because the name was occasionally mispronounced, birdseed sellers started calling it by the folkname “thistle.” This name also caused controversy because some people confused it with the noxious thistle weed.

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Fill these with nyjer seed, (a tiny black seed available anywhere bird seed is sold) and you'll be rewarded with more birds at your feeders this winter.One good reason for providing nyjer seed is that squirrels and larger birds like Grackles do not have any interest in this type of seed. This seed type does not sprout as it has been sterilized before entering the U.S. For the most part, this seed is imported from India. Often mistakenly called thistle seed. Nyjer Seed (aka niger seed or thistle seed) is a teeny-tiny, high-oil content seed (~40%) mostly favored by finches and siskins. In order to eliminate waste, there are special thistle feeders with very tiny holes as feeding ports. It is important to not let the nyjer seed go bad and get moldy. This can cause harm to the birds. Heat and moisture can cause it to go bad. If it does get moldy throw it away in the trash and wash the feeders well. Refill with fresh seed. That Nyjer Thistle Seed is the only imported seed in the bird feeding world. Sure it costs a bit more, but if you are looking for a "finch frenzy" at your feeder, buy some pure Nyjer seed today.1. When Nyjer seed dries out, birds won't eat it. Nyjer is an oily seed, which makes it an excellent energy source for the birds that eat it. But its oily nature also causes the seed to dry out over time and lose its attractiveness to birds. This can happen whether the seed is in a feeder or stored inside. Birds will turn their bills up to old, dried out Nyjer. Avoid waste by purchasing only the amount of Nyjer you can use up in a month or two's time.