Nutro MAX CAT Adult Turkey & Chicken Liver Entrée Cat Food Review

Customer reviews of Nutro MAX cat food are mixed. While some cat owners state that they have no problems with Nutro MAX, some cat owners disagree. Nutro MAX has been accused of causing a variety of different health problems in cats, most of them related to allergies. Many cat owners also do not like the fact that Nutro MAX seems to be very high in carbohydrates, which are not easily digestible by cats.

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I don’t know anyone from New Jersey, but I might give Ultra a chance. I mean if they feel the food is that great to put the word “Ultra” in it then it must must be top notch. I ended up feeding my dog Nutro Maxx and he was doing great compared to his previous food. After reading all this great info I had this guilt trip that if I was not going hungry feeding my dog then I was a bad pet owner. So I changed food for no real good reason and got Chicken Soup For the Puppy Lovers Soul. I opened the bag and found that my 35 pound bag of soup had congealed into little chunks. I was both perplexed and relived at the same time because I had nothing to store 35 pounds of soup. Anyway the dog stinks again as he did with his previous food. So now I have to endure this 4 legged sulfur emitter till the bag is gone. I am going back to Nutro Maxx and supplementing it with yogurt, sardines, eggs, and Chili Cheese Fretos.

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We'll begin this review of Nutro Max Grain Free Adult Recipe With Salmon with a detailed discussion of the ingredients. Nutro Max, eh?? Max what? After looking at what’s in it, I’m left wondering this. seems to be a much better product for the money if you’re really stuck on getting a Nutro product. If you go to the review of that food and then to this one, the differences will be clear. I’ll take a look at this food here.

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As a relatively new pet owner I had no idea how choices in dog food could affect the health, well-being, and appearance of your pet. I have two dogs, one lab/chow mix and a small terrier mix. Before being introduced to Nutro foods, I tried two other well known foods because they were available in my local grocery store and they were reasonably priced. But the problem was that my dogs would eat through huge bags of dog food so quickly! I always found myself running back to the grocery store for food. Finally, while working with pet training staff at a Pet Store I asked a trainer who I liked and respected very much, to recommend a food for my dogs. Nutro Max has been our dog food of choice ever since. It is ideal for both my big dog and my small one. They don't need huge amounts of it to get full, so I only buy 1 large bag a month. The dogs LOVE it too. And the food is not bone dry and crumbly like my previous brands were. I can see why my dogs enjoy Nutro Max. The look, smell, and texture of the food is superior to other brands. Now my dogs are shinier and they poop WAY less. Nutro is not one of those more mainsteam foods that is available in my local grocery store, but that's fine with me! I find it well worth the trip to a pet store to get my dogs their Nutro Max.

Nutro MAX CAT Senior Chicken & Lamb Formula Cat Food Review