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I think this nutro max puppy food is awesome my puppy is loving it and she is very picky .At first she has loose stools getting use to it but now everything normal

Nutro™ MAX® Chicken, Rice, and Lamb wet puppy food is formulated specifically for puppies

I have tried all the dog food avaliable on my island.. Purina one, Purina Beniful, Puppy chow, taste of the wild, and several other brands but Nutro Max puppy food was the only food that he will eat… I can sat out a cup of any other food even the wet food with or with out cottage cheese which vet said will help them fatten up and should intice them to eat… well that cup of food or half can of food will sit ther everyday and then I will have to let my big dog eat the wet food so it doesnt spoil.. he just would not eat anything started loosing weight 🙁 I saw Nurto max that had just been put on the shelf and desided to get it and well he is eating about three cups a day and thas all I will let him eat eventhough he can eat more… he loves this stuff and my picky yorkie that has 1/4 sitting all day for her and eats that amount in two days is eating it… So I have found this to be a good dog food for my picky eaters. No vomite, no runs, no nothing.. They just love it.. So what makes them happy makes me happy 🙂 I would prefer to use wellness like I have for many years but its not avaliable here on my island.

Nutro Max Chicken Meal & Rice Large Breed Puppy Food, 15 Lb.

Buy Nutro Max Puppy Natural Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 4-lb bag (791443) by C NUTRO MAX Puppy Food is specially formulated to support the development of growing puppies ages 1 to 12 months. Our all-natural recipes are made with farm-raised chicken plus added vitamins and minerals to provide complete and balanced nutrition. Your puppy will love the savory flavors of real chicken and whole grains in our natural dog food, and you will like that NUTRO MAX Puppy Recipe With Farm Raised Chicken Dry Dog Food never contains chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein.

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I think this nutro max puppy food is awesome my puppy is loving it and she is very picky .At first she has loose stools getting use to it but now everything normal

Get your puppy off to a healthy start with Nutro Max Puppy Food

I have a 5 month old german shepherd/boxer mix I adopted from a shelter. We have been feeding her Nutro Max Puppy for the past few weeks. I am wanting to change her food because i keep reading that her food shouldnt have corn or wheat in it. Any suggestions on what are the best dry puppy foods for dogs and why? Thanks!!I recently picked up a couple cans of the nutro max. My pupp is loving it! I like how it doesnt have any by-products, unlike Iams which I had my puppy on for a day. I returned the whole box after reading reviews on Iams. Nutro max is the best wet food for the money!I have adopted an australian shepherd puppy who is three months old. She has been having diarea for a couple weeks now and the. Breeder told me to put her on nutro max puppy food. Ever since then she hasn’t had diarea and she has been more active than before. It is true that you shouldn’t have corn or wheat in dog food but most brands do. The only thing to look for is if corn or wheat is the first ingredient. Nutro max puppy food has chicken meal as the first ingredient. Also, eric, if your puppy was vomiting before you started nutro max, then you don’t have any evidence. He may have started vomiting more but they may mean his sickness was just getting worse with time. He could have swallowed something like a large rock and that clogged his intestins. I reccomend nutro max.Petco sells the Nutro Max Puppy Food, 12lb bags for $24.99, however, they are on sale for $19.95. Petco will allow you to price match the online prices and use a coupon in the store making this FREE.