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AFTER POSTING MY COMMENT I started reading previous comments. I don’t believe most of what I read. I did not switch gradually as others did. It was a switch from people food to the Nutrish. There was no problem at all with my dogs ability to tolerate the sudden switch.
I think if you have fed your animal the same food for years then switch to something else and suddenly your animal has some horrible sickness it CANNOT be the Nutrish. Things don’t work like that. The diseases and illnesses mentioned develop gradually over time. No way would any legitimate Veterinarian say the disease came on instantly after switching to this dog food product or any other dog food.
Some people are jealous of others success so they try to ruin it, and still others are looking for a lawsuit to get rich quick with. Do not believe those comments. Think about what they are claiming and use a little commonsense. You too will conclude that those comments are bogus.
Just saying.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Open Range Recipe was selected to represent both products in the line for this review.

There has been a voluntary recall put out by Nutrish before for their wet cat food. I do not, however, believe this is an indication of poor quality from the company. Many recent Rachael Ray dog food reviews mention the food being suspect to causing their dog’s problems, but there have been no official connections made between the food and any illnesses. Still, that’s worrisome.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Turkey and Potato was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review. its feb. 15, 2015 and i came across this Nutrish super food for dogs. $18.99 for 14lb bag. I read the ingredients and it looks good. It has only been one day so I cannot give a accurate determination whether this food is good for my friend, but i sincerely hope it meets his nutritional requirements and also prevent any of those horrific results i have read on this site. Bak will be 4 years old @ 90lbs this July. He previously ate only scraps from what we had the night before. His diet although scraps, consisted of bones, meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Of course since he is getting older I wanted him to have a more balanced diet that consisted of all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a dog food can provide. Budget was also something we had to think about. I really wanted to get one of those giant bags for $25, but after my short education regarding the pros and cons of certain brand of dog food i opted for something in the middle, not too expensive and not too cheap. Not too high quality and definitely not too low in quality. Even at this price at a medium level of quality and price, it will put a dent in our family budget just because Bak is an enormous eater. I always felt that the scraps of food we provided him was not enough to keep him content and did not give him the required nutrition that he deserved.
Our future meal plan for him will be a combination of scraps and this particular dog food. If anyone can recommend something else in this price range that is better please provide me the name so that i may consider it but at this moment, this is the only thing in my grocery that i find to meet our needs for him.
I will try to keep you updated if anything changes in his diet.

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I too recently had a bad experience with the Nutrish beef formula. I have fed my Labrador retriever the Just 6 formula for a little over a year and had not had a problem. Recently the store was out of the just 6 so I purchased the beef. Which I have done in the past as well as the chicken with no problems. However this time my dog didn’t eat it like he normally does he kept leaving it and eating at times and at times not. Which is NOT like him. Then he started getting sick and having diarrhea. I found other reviews of ppl having the same problems. I immediately threw the food out started feeding him chicken and rice and saw an immediate improvement within 24 hours he was back to normal. I don’t know what is going on with this dog food but I’m done with it.

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