References: ASTM D 3867-09, Nitrate-Nitrite in Water, Test Method B

References: ASTM D 3867-09, Nitrate-Nitrite in Water, Test Method B. APHA Standard Methods, 22nd ed., Method 4500-NO3- E -2000. USEPA Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes, Method 353.3 (1983).

You should also have your water tested for nitrate if you are a woman planning on becoming pregnant or if infants will be using the water.

As of 10/1/14, all real estate transactions on a private well that require a well inspection will require that the water be tested for bacteria, nitrates and total arsenic. New construction projects are NOT subject to the arsenic and nitrate testing. However, if that new construction project is a model or spec home and the eventual sale takes place down the road and requires a well inspection, that property will then become subject to the arsenic and nitrate testing requirements.

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ASTM D3867-16, Standard Test Methods for Nitrite-Nitrate in Water, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2016, In all cases where drinking water contains more than 10 mg/L of nitrate as nitrogen, an alternative source of water should be found for the infant. Boiling the water will not reduce the nitrate concentration; in fact, it actually INCREASES the concentration by evaporating off the water and leaving the nitrates behind. Water that is high in nitrates should not be used for preparing infant formula or in any other way that could result in consumption by a baby. Federal and state regulations require the testing of public water systems for nitrates; however, high nitrate concentrations can occur in private water wells. If infants will be consuming water from a private water well, the water should be tested for nitrates as well as for bacteria. To arrange for bacteriological and nitrate analyses of your drinking water or if you have questions concerning safe drinking water, contact your local health department or the nearest Illinois Department of Public Health regional office.

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A nitrate test is a chemical test used to determine the presence of nitrate ion in solution. Testing for the presence of nitrate via wet chemistry is generally difficult compared with testing for other anions, as almost all nitrates are soluble in water. In contrast, many common ions give insoluble salts, e.g. halides precipitate with silver, and sulfates precipitate with barium. The nitrate anion is an oxidizer, and many tests for the nitrate anion are based on this property. Unfortunately, othe...

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