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So has the system already been changed? I went to target on Monday and the cashier was still able to override and I got overages on 4 items. I’m very disappointed in this new policy. I especially hate when you get a mean cashier/ manager that makes up their own dam coupon rules out of their ass. They really believe it too. I’ve heard some of the most ridiculous things. They should stop having such bad additudes and do their job. It’s their job to accept coupons, not harass couponers. The manufacturer is paying the store for the product so how am I any different from any other paying customer, other than it may take a few extra seconds. Sometimes they purposefully try to mess with you and it’s irritating. I think this new policy is just going to make the managers annoyed even more by couponers when in reality with coupons we typically put more money into targets pockets than the average customer. They should respect us as such and just do their job.

Coupon newbie, just came her to read Target's policies, but my Target Coupons are now in the trash.

I was at Target yesterday and I think they’ve made more changes to their coupon policy . You can still use one store coupon matched with one manufacturer coupon for the same item…but apparently now you can only use one set of these per transaction for the same type of item. I had printed two of the store coupons to match with two manufacturer coupons for my favorite hand soap (as well as other coupons). The checker said they had changed their policy and I could only use one set of the coupons per transaction and showed me where it now says this on the target coupons (It is printed there…i just missed it since it’s new). So I had to separate out my items and pay separately. I ended up having to split my purchases into 4 different transactions to use all my coupons.

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Richmond, Virginia stores are very helpful and accommodating. I love Target and hope this new coupon policy won’t change things. I went to target last night and was told I can only use a total of 4 coupons per visit at target last night by the cashier. I told her I when did that happen and she said it was a new policy they just came out with.
Is this true? Has anyone else been told this? I thought I couldn’t use more than 4 of the same coupons per items? I’m so confused.

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This still doesn’t address whether customers can use manufacturers coupons on items that Target offers gift card promotions (buy two, receive a $5 Target GC). I had a store manager tell me this week I couldn’t because of a “new store policy.” Still waiting to hear back from corporate customer service.

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