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Below is a list of maps available from NJDOT's Geographic Information System. NJDOT makes maps available "as is". The maps on this web site are graphic presentations and should be interpreted as such. The State of New Jersey and NJDOT will not be held liable for any deficiencies or inaccuracies.

18. Learn about, and even touch, creepy crawlers at , New Jersey’s “bugseum.”

is represented by (, ). New Jersey is represented in the by (, , term ends 2021) and (D, , 2019).

A New Jerseyian: Umm...have you ever actually BEEN to New Jersey?

20. Make a splash with the sprinklers at one of New Jersey's many (mostly FREE) .

The is one of two electronic filing programs available in New Jersey. The other program, which is administered by the Division of Taxation, is .

New Jersey author set her novel in Princeton.

There were an estimated 54,626 in Jersey City, according to the 2013 American Community Survey, representing a 2.6% increase from 53,236 non-Hispanic whites enumerated in the 2010 United States Census. Many non-Hispanic whites have settled in the newer developments in the and neighborhoods along the Jersey City waterfront.

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If you are a Pennsylvania resident and your employer withheld New Jersey income tax from your wages, you must file a New Jersey nonresident return to obtain a refund. To stop the withholding of New Jersey income tax, complete an Employee's Certificate of Nonresidence in New Jersey () and give it to your employer. When filing for a refund, Pennsylvania residents must enclose a with their New Jersey nonresident income tax returns declaring that they are residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Order an Employee's Certificate of Nonresident in New Jersey, ; New Jersey , and , or go to our online . An employee who uses usually does not need to complete one every year. A new Form NJ-W4 is required when an employee wants to revise the withholding information. In addition, any employee who claims to be from New Jersey withholding due to income below the minimum threshold, submit a new form every year.When an employee has more than one job, or spouses/civil union partners are both wage earners, the combined incomes may be taxed at a higher rate. In cases like these, an employee may file and use the wage chart to determine the rate to use when calculating State withholding amounts. Your employee may also request that an additional amount be deducted from each pay. As an employer, you are required to furnish to your employees and withhold New Jersey income tax at the rate selected, including any additional amount requested. But employees are to complete .New Jersey is known for its outstanding , but it also has some of the best lakes for swimming in the Northeast. This summer, if you want a break from the pounding waves, dive into the calm waters of one of these beautiful New Jersey lakes. And for more wet (and dry) summer fun, check out our