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This brand new large Critter Trail hamster cage will be attached to one other smaller Critter Trail cage as well as a 10 gallon tank with a special Critter Trail top to fit the tubes connecting all 3 cages together. This will give my hamster, Peachy, plenty of space above the 360 square inches minimum space requirements for a Syrian hamster. Thanks for watching, and thanks for any previous comments letting me know how much space is best for my best friend hamster!

Recently bought my hamster a new look out tube

Our new cage layout for our four Roborovski hamsters,

We're currently using the Ferplast Duna cage, which we've filled with a few small logs.
Ferplast Cube
Ferplast LAB
And the Ferplast Gym
All connected using Ferplast tubes, bar the four green Savic tubes.
Shot using a Canon Powershot SX230HS

Syrian Hamster - Cage Set up & new home - YouTube

New Savic Hamster Heaven Cage - YouTube Hi and congrats on your new syrian!

I'm not too familiar with UK cages so I'm sure a member from that side of the pond will be by to give you a good review on your cage.
As for the your hamster hanging out in the tube that's perfectly normal. Usually it takes them quite some time to find out exactly where they want to sleep all the time and even then you will find them in funny places. One of my syrians likes just sitting around in his tubes at times lol.
It's good you left him alone for the first few days, so from there as far as handling is concerned it's really up to the personality of your hamster. But remember to take it slow don't just come flying into the cage from the top and "swoop down" and grab the little bugger. Let it come to you you can even "scent mark" some of your own tissues and put it in the cage for the ham to use as bedding it will help it become accustomed to your scent. By scent mark I mean like get a piece of tissue and like keep it with you during the day so it picks up your scent and then put in the cage and you can do this daily.

NINA THE HAMSTER checking out new house - YouTube

When you’re putting the cage back together is a good time to decide if you want to move things around. You may want to change the way things are hooked up or where the hamster toys are located. Sometimes your hamster can get bored if he or she has the same layout all the time in its cage. So move some tubes around or put new tubes in or change the location of different toys in the cage. This will give your hamster something new to explore and keep him or her from getting bored.

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If you just brought your hamster home from a breeder or pet store, you need to give him some time to adjust to his new home. A frightened young hamster is probably going to want to hide for awhile before he gets brave enough to explore his new environment. You can help lure your hamster out of the tubes by placing food items a little ways away from the end of the tube so that he has to exit the tube in order to eat or drink. Make sure he has plenty of toys to explore when he leaves the tube. Remember that hamsters are nocturnal so he's going to do most of his exploring at night rather than during the day.Hey guys! Today's video is on Hamster Cage Tours! I did get my Syrian already but she's not in this cage tour. If you want to see pics of her, my other pets, and for more frequent updates, you can follow my YouTube Instagram account. My username is @smallpetjunkie.

In this video, I have the cage tours of Shubby, Sephora, and L'Oreal. Shubby is my agouti Winter White hamster. Sephora and L'Oreal are my two robo hamsters. Sephora is the agouti colored one while L'Oreal is the headspot robo.

Shubby lives in a 110 quart bin from Target. It runs about $13-$15 without tax. Sephora and L'Oreal live in the exact same bin. :) (A separate cage, but the same type of bin.)

I hope to get some videos of my new Syrian hamster up soon!

Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you guys later. Bye! :D