CONNELLY Men’s Classic Neoprene Vest

Third, If having to add material (neoprene or other) to enlarge an area or expand an area, overlap (do not sew/attach side by side). Overlapping piece of material should be added on the underside (closest to the dog). Makes the vest stronger plus No area exposed to snag or get caught on underbrush or twigs.

I have a Cabelas neoprene vest with the armor-flex chest protector.

2017 Connelly Classic Mens Neoprene life vest in Black and Yellow is Coast Guard Approved with the size forgiving Flex Back or V back which stretches to help people with different tummy sizes and body shapes to comfortably stretch into this life vest. The segmented panels are hinged to bend and provide mobility in action watersports like waterskiing, wakeboarding, or other sports in the water. This life jacket has a front zip closure and two hidden adjustable belts. An added feature you will not find in other life jackets is a soft rubberized or glideskin rib section to deflect water spray and prevent arm rash when your arms are tucked in tight to your body while holding a waterski handle. This 2017 life jacket is the most fully featured life jacket that Connelly has ever made.

Dokken Supervest Xtreme Camo Neoprene Dog Vest

it is NOT a Neoprene vest, but it is waterproof. not sure if it can be submerged into water though. If you are looking for a less pricey nylon life jacket for relaxation sports, such as fishing or sailing, we also sell brand name oversized NYLON life vests 2X 3X 4X 5x all the way up to size 7XL and they are less expensive than the neoprene life jackets. Please see our other oversized life jackets by clicking on the related products tab.

CONNELLY Teen Neoprene Vest -Red

...if you want a vest that fits as well as one can, you'll need to purchase the correct chest size and then tailor either make. It's easy to do if you use "neoprene cement" like "Block Surf" that rapidly melts the neoprene and welds new seams while you hold them. (NOT "Aqua Seal" or other slow drying glue type sealant.)

CONNELLY Teen Neoprene Vest -Red

The Dokken Supervest Xtreme is great for all hunting and training conditions. It features "SuperStretch" 3mm Neoprene construction with heavy duty nylon stitching, and a zippered closure with an extra wide velcro flange. The RAVE Sports 02422 Men's Neoprene Life Vest is built for style, comfort and safety. RAVE Sports is a premier water recreation supplier focused on providing serious fun for the whole family. RAVE is the originator of the inflatable water trampoline and manufactures products that let you bounce, spin, slide, soar or just meander across the water. After seeing how gouged up from buck brush and cane staubs the plain 5mm neoprene (without Armor-Flex) upper half of our current vest was getting in our marsh, I started looking at "beneficial versus detrimental" in terms of temperature range, IE: when could I safely afford the dog the vest's Armor-Flex protection without overheating him? Fit and comfort are the most important features to look for in life jackets. When a cheap nylon life vest feels scratchy, or not form fitted for your age and gender, you are tempted to take it off in the middle of your boating trip, thus risking your safety or the safety of your kids. The above comparison chart shows that Neoprene is by far, the best choice for a life vest. It is softer and more comfortable than nylon.