I fed my cat Natural Balance Limited Ingredients foods for many years

About to finish the second 28# bags of Natural Balance LID Fish & Sweet Potato. But my Yorkies have hardened tears, not gunky but dried out and hard. One has some redness on paws…NEVER had that before. I thought this was THE FOOD! Starting over again!

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Natural Balance Pet Foods?

I am writing to withdraw a complaint that I made yesterday regarding Natural Balance Duck and Potato dog food. I posted a complaint yesterday after my dog became extremely ill with symptoms of Salmonella after eating the food, knowing that the company had a recall on other flavors of their food due to possible Salmonella contamination and after I saw that another person had posted a complaint about their dog becoming extremely ill after eating the food. I am writing to withdraw that complaint after speaking with a representative of the company and being assured that the duck and potato formula was not affected. My dog is being treated with an antibiotic and seems to be doing better today.

I was thinking that was what I bought in Nov 2014

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Natural Balance Pet Foods? Wow. I never post online about anything, but just two days ago, after my two dogs just finished a 15 lb bag of dry Original Ultra, they both took one sniff of a new bag and refused to eat it! I took that bag back and got a new bag from a different date and batch, and one dog sniffed it and refused to eat it and the other dog did take two kibbles and IMMEDIATELY after eating those, started to GAG! I am astounded. SOMETHING is different and wrong. The company says nothing has changed, but something must have. Needless to say, this bag is going back, and I am switching brands today! This really upsets me. I have been feeding my cats and dogs Natural Balance for years. I will be switching my cats now, too. I am afraid to let them keep eating Natural Balance. 🙁

Petsumer Report Review of the Month – Truth about Pet Food

My dog has eaten Natural Balance Ultra Premium dry food since I adopted her in 2007. Suddenly she developed chronic diarrhea . just about every day she would have an…um…let’s just say explosive episode. Even though she had been eating NB for 6+ years, I switched food out of desparation, as my spouse noted the digestive issues only started when we opened a new bag of food. Lo and behold, about 1.5 days after switching foods she is perfectly normal again. I was leery when Del Monte bought NB out and reading these other comments confirm my suspicions.

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