Dreambaby Narrow Stair Gate 71-82cm F160w (ext To 111cm)

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Lascal KiddyGuard Avant™ is the new and improved Retractable Safety Gate from Lascal continuing the sleek modern ergonomic design. Improved features include Time Delay Locking or Manual Locking to enhance safety and operability and extra weight resistance. The patented Mesh material will withstand a child running weight up to 100kgs (220lbs). Kiddyguard Avant is the perfect balance of contemporary design, advanced functionality and complements any home. It is highly versatile and easily installs in doorways or any openings up to 51" wide, as well as the top of stairs.

The Kiddyguard Avant safety gate is very easy to install, it can be mounted inside door and stairway openings, or on the wall front of door or stairway openings up from 30cm - 120 cm wide. At 82 cm tall the Kiddyguard is perfect for narrow and doors! Remember you can also fit this stair safety gate at an angle. Whilst Kiddyguard Avant is a Premium priced product, buyers need to compare the additional cost of extensions to ordinary gates that can safely span 120 cm.

Kiddyguard Avant folds away when not in use. An innovative delay-release button allows time to insure that the mesh gate is properly secured to the improved locking bar before it locks. Easy one-hand operation for unlocking and opening yet tamper proof for toddlers. The silver gray mesh and brushed aluminium housing are aesthetically appealing to today's parents. When opened, no part of the KiddyGuard Avant is left in your way - No threshold bar, No trip hazard across the opening, making it safe to use at the top of a staircase.

Locking The Kiddyguard Avant

Timed locking - To make it easy, the KiddyGuard™ Avant is equipped with a 'Time Delay Locking Mechanism'. This keeps the gate unlocked while you open or close it. Push and turn the knob up to 290° to open/close the gate. The shorter the turn, the shorter time you will have to get through. The gate will automatically lock when the knob has rolled back to its starting position

Manual locking - For those occasions when you need some extra time. Push and turn the knob all the way past 290° and the gate will remain unlocked, with no time limitation. When you're ready, turn the knob anti-clockwise for immediate locking Avalable From

Tippitoes Narrow Safety Gate - my recommended product for those with narrow staircases

The Retract-a-gate mentioned in the Narrow Gates section above is also a great top of the stairs choice. Since it retracts, you will not have to move it when not in use. To mount it to the banister you can either use a piece of wood and some zip-ties or buy the banister adapter kit (which is just piece of wood and zip-ties but you pay $30 for the privilege). Go the DIY route and save some coin. It is a very good baby gate and I was impressed with the durability. It is a little on the pricey side but for the convenience of not having to lift out the gate each and every time (along with it being hardware mounted) it is definitely worth it if your budget will cover it. The 52″ is much cheaper than the 72″ but it depends on the distance between your banister and wall.

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However, if your staircase is unusually narrow or wide the process of choosing gates can be more difficult. What surprised me is that this is actually a darn fine retractable baby gate for larger distances too. In fact, you can pretty much mount it anywhere even at the top of your stairs or outside (according to manufacturer). I would listed this baby gate further up the page but then I wouldn’t have had a good baby gate to put in the narrow doorway section now, would I?

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So even though you hardware mount this baby gate at the top of the stairs, I would avoid it because of the narrow walkway that could lead to tumble town (use these instead).

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