My favorite bakery in Paris, I go there every time I visit

Mine and my husband's birthdays are a day apart, so we always celebrate together. For the second year in a row we have used Sugar Chic Bakery in Ringgold, GA for the cake for the birthday dinner with our friends. And for the second year in a row, it has been perfect!!!! It's exactly what we asked for. The white cake layers are so fluffy and moist. And the icing is amazing!!!! This is definitely my very most favorite bakery!!!

My favorite bakery, long queues for the ultra fresh  Pidesi. For 2,5TL worth the wait

Had to check out the newest location of my Favorite bakery especially since it is so close to my favorite place in Southern California: Crystal Cove. The new addition to the Sweet Lady Jane family is nice and has a cute patio. Our lunch was great, but I have to say I still Love the original location on Melrose in West Hollywood.

My favorite bakery in Westchester

Great to be back at my favorite bakery in St Pete deja_vu_cafe_ @ Deja vu cafe Tied for my favorite Winston-Salem bakery with Camino Bakery. Ollie's has a wider variety of baked goods...particularly pastries. And the selection changes regularly. Very limited in store dining. But it's my choice for baked goods I'm taking home or in to coworkers REALLY appreciate that!

How do I manage my favorite bakery-cafes in the app? - Panera Bread

This bakery puts out fine treats each and every time I've visited. I've special ordered cakes from them, and they have been decorated very nicely. Always a big hit wherever I take the cakes. The banana is my favorite. As far as doughnuts, the red velvet is simply amazing. Even though this place can be very busy, service is always exemplary. I just wish I didn't live so close, so I wouldn't be tempted to visit quite as often as I do.

My favorite bakery off all time

There's a reason why we were originally in business as My Most Favorite Dessert Company: Our desserts are out of this world. Our freshly baked cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and tarts are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, and our cupcakes, cake pops and sugar cookies are craved by kids and grownups alike. I've been a customer of this bakery for many years, including in its former location and former ownership. It has always been excellent, but it has just gotten better and better. It's the go-to place for cakes that are not only delicious, but very creatively decorated for every season and every occasion. Their Summer's Bounty pie is the ultimate summer dessert, incorporating peaches, plums, nectarines, etc. They also prepare savory foods to serve at home, including chicken pot pie (in season), stuffed cabbage, and many other choices. Their pre-made sandwiches on their own breads are wonderful and can be eaten at one of the few tables in the shop or taken out; my favorites include different varieties of chicken salad on their onion-dill-oatmeal bread, and salmon filet with asparagus. They also have containers of delicious homemade soups in their freezer, with a different selection on each visit. I even buy my coffee beans and have them ground for me there.