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They picked Mr Wonderful because he bragged about his Mattel connections. They gave up more equity in exchange for his connections. But I guess if they won’t package the whole kit instead of just stickers they really can’t make more money. Splitting the profits 50/50 on stickers that only nets a couple dollars isn’t going to make anyone money. If they combine the stickers with a box kit then they will be able to increase the profits and have something to present to Mattel or another toy company.

Vintage WWF Action Figure Collectible - Paul Orndorff - Mr. Wonderful - 80s Titan Sports LJN Toy

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One day Pixar might make a movie that isn't an animated masterpiece, but really don't hold your breath. The wonderful Toy Story 3 certainly isn't that film. We sent our roving reporter to the World's Greatest Workplace (aka Pixar HQ) to talk to director Lee Unkrich, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen - and a host of other Toy Story talent - and get the lowdown on Buzz, Woody, Jesse and Co's trip to Sunnyside Nursery. And as a bonus, Timothy Dalton talked us through the secret of Mr. Pricklepants's lederhosen.
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Wonderful's Secret Society for Wine Snobs".

a toy to illustrate one of her points. She brought a Mr. Wonderful doll. What Vlad needs is market penetration into the major toy retail streams, a landscape dominated by the big players. A Shark, particularly Mr. Wonderful, could help him with that. It will cost a lot of money and time to position the toy as a recognizable brand – something licensing the product to a big toy manufacturer could speed up. If he can sell Mr. Wonderful, he'll get a deal. Otherwise, it'll be back to the drawing board.

Product posted by Gilbert Oyervidez in Lubbock, TX.

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