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The Moose Antler Chews Large are all natural moose antler and makes a great chew to keep your dog entertained. Dogs have a natural instinct to chew on bones, while most bones are soft in the middle (bone marrow), antler bone is solid, making them extremely difficult to break apart. This saves you time and money, as your dog’s bone will last much longer than a regular bone or artificial chew toy. Large Moose Antler Dog Chews are about 6-9 oz and approximately 5-8 inches.

Moose Antler Chews Large are loved and acceptable for all breeds sized 40-70 pounds.

By FAR, I prefer elk antler over any over species of cervids (whitetail deer, mule deer, red stag, etc.), as the antler material offers optimal density — which makes for a chew that is durable, but also more safe. Elk chews actually are LESS dense than other antler chews as its outer-structure / marrow ratio is much lower. By contrast, most deer antlers are incredibly hard throughout (think jawbreaker hard), while lacking much in the way of core marrow. I have found that such other antler offerings carry too high a risk of causing slab fractures (Ouch! I can’t imagine the pain of a broken tooth…) for me to feel comfortable offering them to our dog, much less endorsing them to the market through Mountain Dog Chews. Too, although all antlers are less likely to splinter as compared to cooked meat bones, elk (and moose, also) chews can be virtually worry-free from splintering (if processed correctly and sized appropriately), while deer antlers may readily snap or crack when at the mercy of a voracious chewer – to me, personally, it’s an an apples to oranges comparison.

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As with all dog toys & chews, please supervise your pet while they are enjoying their moose antler. For the last three years, I have ordered my Weimeraner a mammoth whole antler from Mountain Dog Chews which lasts him over a year. Recently I ordered a replacement because he loves chewng on it daily and didn't dare be without one. I decided to also order a mammoth moose chew as I'd never seen them before. Hansa is totally ecstatic over this moose chew but I am extremely disappointed to discover that this $48 chew will only last 2 weeks. Personally I find this item overpriced or only for the wealthy but dogs definitely love them!

Deer, Elk and Moose Antler Chews

1 year old golden was quickly eating split store bought antlers. I started looking for whole antlers online and I ran across a website that talked about the quality and rating of antlers. After feeling a bit more educated about antlers, I found the Mountain Dog Chews website. Reviews were positive, the products looked good according to my research so, I thought I would try a few. The Mammoth Moose Chew is as described; this is a heavy bone. When I first held it I was worried this might be too much for my son's 1 year old golden puppy, but it isn't. He loves it!

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