with her husband and two miniature Dachshunds, Chester and Gretel.

Dachshunds come in two sizes and three coat lengths: standard and miniature; smooth-coated, long-coated and wire-haired. Little dogs like miniature dachshunds, especially those with short hair, often need coats or jackets to stay comfortable. Although many commercial coats are available, sometimes it is fun to personalize your dog's apparel and make it something unlike any other dog might wear.

Dog Coat Jacket Miniature Dachshund Sail Boats Perfect For A Ride On The Boat by brendabordas on Etsy

The Snugger fits my 11lb. mini Dachshund like it was custom made just for him. I have looked in many stores to find a winter coat that will keep our little Jackie warm in the winter. His little legs always kept coming out of all the coats. Then I tried your site. The Snugger was a little on the pricey side, but ordered it any way. BOY!!!! were we surprised how it fit, looked and felt,,,, worth every penny!! He looks very Dapper in his new coat. Might order one for my self..L O L. Thanks for such a quality product.

Warm Miniature Dachshund Dog Winter Coat

Miniature Dachshund Dog Coat Jacket Pet Clothing July 4th Soft Sparkling Fire Works Cotton Fabric by brendabordas on Etsy

The Dachshund Clothing Line - Houndz in the Hood

A full line of clothes styled, sized, and shaped just for Dachshunds