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Based upon the growth data and upon the fact that all rats were in good physical condition at the end of the experiment, we can conclude that none of the food value of evaporated milk is destroyed by freezing, and neither is there produced any substance deleterious to health.

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considers pure un-adulterated ghee to be or (in the "mode of goodness"), when used as food. It is the main ingredient in some of the Ayurvedic medicines, and is included under (the four main oils: , and ) along with , muscle fat, and . Ghee is used preferentially for diseases caused by . Many Ayurvedic formulations contain ghee, for example, , , , etc. Though eight types of ghee are mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, ghee made of and cow's ghee are claimed to be excellent among them. Further, cow's ghee has (intellect promoting) and (vitalizing) properties. Ghee is also used in Ayurvedas for constipation and ulcers. Ghee produced using Vechur cow’s milk, is famous for its high medicinal values due to the presence of A2 beta-lactalbumin protein and higher arginine content which is good for the health of convalescing people.

Blood Type Diet Food Value: yogurt/ whole milk

Blood Type Diet Food Value: soy milk/ fluid However, consumption of soy milk is undesired due to the presence of unpleasant off-flavors carried over from soy beans and anti-nutritional factors, such as phytic acid, oligosaccharides, trypsin inhibitor etc., Fermentation with GRAS (generally recognized as safe) microorganisms has been used to help degrade these anti-nutritional factors and the nutritional value of soy milk can be largely enhanced by fermentation. With the advent of health foods, there has been an increasing trend to fortify the milk product with fruits [] (Table 2). India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world, and about 40 percent of the world’s mangoes and 30 percent of the world’s bananas and papayas are produced in India. Hence, use of fruits in the preparation of value added dairy products is inevitable.

Blood Type Diet Food Value: coconut milk

Fermented foods are an important part of in many parts of the world and are known from ancient times. Traditional fermented cereal foods are widely used in the diet of people in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and some parts of Europe. The technology of making these products as well as the type of milk and cereal used are of the main factors that influence their nutritional value. and safety benefits have been attributed to fermented foods which are an important part of people diets. ‘Trahanas’ in Cyprus and Greece and ‘Tarhana’ in Turkey are two of thenoldest traditional fermented milk/cereal foods and very nutritive foods due to the nutritional properties of wheat andn milk/yoghurt. This work is a review on the nutritional value of these products.

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