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Dakota 283 brings yet another solid kennel to the game with the line of G3 crates. Each one is created using the rotational molding process which forms a single-shell product that will flex slightly but resist surface abrasions and extreme impacts. It is the same process used to make military-strength cargo containers and heavy-duty fuel cells so you know it's tough. The deep, wide interiors are enough to hold nearly any size dog or other similar sized animals. The G3 kennels are dimensioned to maximize the rear interior of most trucks, SUVs, and hatchbacks (that are 48 inches wide or more) sitting side-by-side. If your pet has an "accident" the plastic is easily rinsed and the small, rear-facing holes allow for easy drainage. There's plenty of air circulation and thanks to the double-hinged door, access is never a problem. The door can swing from right or left and can be completely removed with ease from the outside. On the top you'll find a large grip-handle that makes lifting and maneuvering the Kennebec Kennel G3s a snap. The walls are tough and rugged, able to absorb impacts while the corners remain virtually impervious to crushing, cracking and other damage. These crates can also be stacked to save room in indoor areas with a separately sold stacking kit. This is ideal if space is limited and dogs are plenty. Similar to the NG but without feet, the G3 Medium glides more easily across surfaces. This is ideal if you don't require the crate to be raised and prefer the sliding action. By running straps through the top handle hole, the G3s can be locked in for a permenant stay in the back of virtually any vehicle. If you care about the safety and comfort of your pets, get a Kennebec Kennel G3 today.

8x8 Medium sized kennel

A medium-sized dog needs to feel just as safe and secure as a small-sized dog does, but due to their size they need a bit more room to play around in. If you decide to go with crates and cages, choose a larger size so they can move around easily. If you decide to build a dog kennel or pen, you can make it bigger so they can have a dog house inside.

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Discount Medium Sized Kennel Lazy S Ranch & Kennels is air conditioned in the summer months and heated in the winter to keep the temperature at a pleasant 73-75 degrees. The unique structure of the building, with the arches of insulation in the ceiling, is also designed to adequately retain both coolness and heat, depending on the season. In regards to the boarding area, we are able to comfortably house up to 22 dogs of all sizes in 22 individual indoor kennel runs. There are 12 kennels sized for your medium or small dogs, and 10 which were specifically made for larger dogs, even those who are Great Dane size. Each kennel contains a stainless steel water bucket (changed every day), a dog bed suited to your companion's specific size, and rubber matting atop the concrete floor to provide both additional comfort and cleanliness. The kennels are privately enclosed quarters made for the individual dog (although we can put up to two small or medium-sized dogs in the same kennel if you prefer that they be together), and they are also separated by concrete walls on either side to ensure both privacy and safety during your companion's stay with us.

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The Intermediate Double-Door Side Entry Dog Crate sets the standard for built to last intermediate sized dog crates. This kennel was designed with a side door to make cleaning easier and providing easier access for your dog. The Intermediate Double Door Side Entry Dog Crate has been endorsed by celebrities. The 1 3/8” sized vent holes are in the standard pattern design on the side of the kennel that does not have the door. Customizable items are sold separately.

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