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They reproduce very fast. The prolific Micro Mealworm will breed so quickly that you will have thousands of worms and beetles in just a few months of establishing this culture. We will send complete breeding and care instructions with every purchase.

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Mealworm Frenzy is one of the Hen Treats sold by Happy Hen Treats. The company, as far as we know, is the only producer of chicken treats.

Our Mealworms are raised in complete organic fashion. These little beetle larvae grow to be about one inch long and are great for herps, birds, and small animals. They keep for weeks at 38-45° Fahrenheit.

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Unger is the founder and CEO of LIVIN Farms, a sustainable food company that manufactures DIY mealworm farms. Over the last two decades productivity of chickens and pigs has increased annually by 2.3%, due to the application of science and new technologies . Further improvement of the mealworm production system by, for instance, automation, feed optimization or genetic strain selection is expected to increase productivity and decrease the environmental impact. Since these aspects are currently underdeveloped, the potential rate of productivity improvement is expected to be higher for mealworms compared to the more common production animals.

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Grubco was founded in 1951 as one of the first mail order bait companies in the United States. For 35 years Grubco raised only fly larvae and mealworms. I purchased Grubco in 1987 from the founder and quickly expanded the product line to also include waxworms , crickets, and superworms. We have recently added hornworms to our menu and have some additional products to be added later this year.

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Danigelis reports that regulations prevented Swiss grocery stores from selling insects or insect-derived products without a special permit. But a rule change in December permits stores to sell insects as long as they follow normal food safety regulations, which paved the way for the mealworm meals. The new insect meat substitutes are produced by a company called .The demand for animal protein is expected to rise by 70–80% between 2012 and 2050, while the current animal production sector already causes major environmental degradation. Edible insects are suggested as a more sustainable source of animal protein. However, few experimental data regarding environmental impact of insect production are available. Therefore, a lifecycle assessment for mealworm production was conducted, in which greenhouse gas production, energy use and land use were quantified and compared to conventional sources of animal protein. Production of one kg of edible protein from milk, chicken, pork or beef result in higher greenhouse gas emissions, require similar amounts of energy and require much more land. This study demonstrates that mealworms should be considered a more sustainable source of edible protein.