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If you are a fish enthusiast, you know how diligent you need to be with water temperature, filters, decorations and combining different types of fish in your tank. Saltwater or freshwater, it takes some time to get it right, but once your tank is humming along, having a fish aquarium can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. Top supplier, Marineland makes it easy to get up and running quickly with their well known aquarium supplies and equipment.

Whether you are looking for top of the line Marineland aquariums, heaters, pumps, filters, aquarium bulbs or cleaning supplies, Pet Mountain has it all. We have aquarium heaters, filters, bulbs, pumps, aquarium replacement parts and more! Marineland assures the highest quality and durability. Designed to perform for years or service, these products are industry leading.

Looking for something cool to put your fish in? Check out the Marineland Eclipse Aquarium, or Eclipse Corner or Hex Aquarium, all of which are beautiful and functional homes for your exotic fish. Whether for home or office, we have you covered. Another important element of aquariums is the lighting and filtering system hoods. If you want the best, check out the Marineland Eclipse Hood or theBio Wheel Canopy. Both systems employ the use of the patented Marineland Bio-Wheels, providing complete filtration capability. Need replacement parts? Pet Mountain has Marineland Impellers, Filter Parts, Cartridges and everything else.

We also have Foam and Sponges, Filter Pads, Filter Sleeves, Canister and Power Filters. Keep your fish comfortable at the right temperature with our Aquarium Heaters including the Marineland Visi Therm Heater and the Marineland Submersible Heater. Get the lighting right with Marineland Fluorescent Bulbs, Aquarium Hoods and Power Strips and Timers. Built to perfection and priced right, they are ready to order today.

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Heavily leveraged in debt, Spectrum attempted to sell its pet division (United Pet Group) containing products and supplies under the Tetra, Marineland, Instant Ocean and Jungle brand names, and pet care products under the Dingo, Firstrax, 8 in 1 and Nature's Miracles brand names. Appliance maker Salton, owned by Harbinger Capital, agreed to pay approximately $692 million cash to purchase the pet care division, but the deal collapsed on July 14, 2008. According to and , the sale was rejected by Spectrum's own key lenders, most likely because the deal valued the brands for less than what the bankers considered them to be worth.[]

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I've been using marineland products for years now and thought this would be good Marineland's revolutionary LED lighting systems are energy and cost efficient. They offer many advantages over fluorescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, and greater durability and reliability. These LED systems are non-toxic and promote a safe environment for your fish. And all this innovation is built into a sleek, modern design. Each product comes in four flexible sizes to fit 18-24 inch, 24-36 inch , 36-48 inch, or 48-60 inch areas. Our available LED systems include the single-byte LED, the double-byte LED, and the Reef-Capable LED. These systems' natural shimmer effects replicate the light of the sun and the moon in your aquarium environment. You and your fish will love the environment produced by the Marineland LED systems.

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In 2003, Rayovac decided to diversify, and acquired non-battery related businesses including and United Pet Group. In 2004, Rayovac successfully underbid () as 's battery supplier and produced the "" brand of battery sold exclusively at RadioShack. In January 2005, Rayovac purchased United Industries Corporation for about $476 million in cash and stock. Brands included in United Industries were Vigoro, and Sta-Green lawn products, Cutter, and Repel insect control products and pet supply products with the Marineland, Perfecto, and Eight in One brands. In 2005, Tetra, a major provider of pet-fish products, was acquired. This diversification prompted the name change from Rayovac to Spectrum Brands.

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