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The Marineland Magnum 350 Pro deluxe filtration system has all the necessities for someone just starting out. It is also perfect for the fish enthusiast. Everything for one low price! Three-in-one filtration system. Unmatched power and versatility. This powerful comprehensive filtration and maintenance system includes double disconnect valves, micron cartridge, carbon/media container, filter sleeve, extension tube and flexibrush, plus an unpowered Bio-Wheel 60 for superior biological filtration. Includes an Instruction Book. *Gravel cleaner sold seperately.

MARINELAND MAGNUM 350 PRO SYSTEM Canister Aquarium Filter with BIO-Wheel PRO 60

The bottom mounted motor is completely sealed and waterproof and carries a three year warranty. Setup of the Marineland Magnum 350 aquarium filter is simple and all filter media is included in the box. Not only is this canister filter exceptional as a regular mechanism for removing debris and waste material from your tank, it can also be easily converted to a water polishing system.

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Marineland Magnum 350 Pro System Canister Filter FOR SALE • $100.99 • See Photos The Marineland Magnum 350 Bonded Filter Cartridge is custom designed for the Magnum 350 Micron Cartridge and Carbon/Media Container. These filter sleeves are perfect for turning a Marineland Magnum 350 Pro System Canister Filter into an excellent mechanical filter. They reduce the accumulation of waste and dirt particles that would prematurely clog the filter, ultimately extending the cartridge life.

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