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It is more a hairstyle than an actual haircut, but you can combine it with Maltese haircut styles. The primary purpose of the Top Knot is to tie a ribbon or bow on the dog’s head. Which in turn adds to the dog’s adorable looks. A part of head coat hair is not cut allowing it to grow to a certain length that you desire. It also must be long enough for tying it into a knot for the ribbon or bow.

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While the Maltese can certainly grow its hair to be insanely long, most owners opt for what’s called the “puppy cut,” which is a cropped, fluffy cut that’s much easier to maintain.

(please check my maltese's current hair length)

Tweety,Maltese Haircut,Maltipoo,Yorkie,Maltese Puppies,Birds,The O'jays,Pets,Take A toy dog covered from head to toe with a mantle of long, silky white hair, the Maltese is gentle-mannered and affectionate, known for being lively, playful and fearless despite its small size. Maltese are intelligent little dogs that are very fast learners if they feel sufficiently rewarded. Today, their refinement, cleanliness and portability make them a popular choice as a companion dog.

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Even though the Maltese is a very small dog, they tend to be brave and without fear. They are one of the most gentle mannered of all little dogs, but are also full of energy and very playful, making them great family dogs. Maltese should be brushed daily, and groomed often to prevent mats from forming in their long, white coat.

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My spoiled is now 5 months and his hair is getting long, I can make his topknot and his hair is starting to blow in the wind like a real maltese, but his coat doesn't get to the ground yet and when he walks, he still has a puppy-butt-move

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My Bella is about 16 months old now and I am wondering about her hair/coat. For the past year, whenever I have her groomed I keep it short in a 'puppy cut'. A couple times I have tried to grow it out as I like the traditional look but only end up with matting and difficulties getting them out. I haven't been able to grow it out more than 2 inches or so ... and when she is this long its just a big cotton ball ... Her ears and tail have the feel and look of the traditional Maltese, but not her body/legs .... Will this ever change? or is she cursed with an continual BAD HAIR Day??!!Maltese dogs are known for their striking white fur, which is why it can be particularly alarming if starts to fall out. Hair loss can be a symptom of a health problem or stress. It is helpful to consult with a veterinarian to determine the cause of the hair loss. In addition, the vet may be able to administer medication to help with the problem.