Looney Tunes: Claude Cat and Frisky Puppy in "Terrier Stricken." ..

You can now view "Two's a Crowd" at YouTube:

It was posted by 'molokaicreeper' in late November, 2008. Unfortunately, the video quality isn't too good.

I think it is the equal, if not better than "Terrier Stricken". "No Barking" is my least favorite of the three Frisky Puppy/Claude Cat cartoons. It's too bad it's the only one in a Looney Tunes DVD collection.

Great to hear that it's available in the Errol Flynn DVD "Rocky Mountain".

I don't understand why Duck Dodgers thinks any of the Frisky Puppy/Claude Cat cartoons could be even considered one of Chuck Jones worst cartoons. (Perhaps I'm missing something.) Ever see (Available on DailyMotion - search for 'Dodgers' and 'pierrot77', if my coding is lost). Now, that sequel was unnecessary.

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I like this Friz Freleng cartoon featuring Sylvester the cat of the Tweety and Sylvester duo. In this cartoon, he has to deal Butch Bulldog's little puppy son who is learning to dislike and attack cats. Also, Sylvester never spoke in this cartoon. I love Junior's design, he is so flippin' cute!

I am sorry that I had to give this cartoon a 9 star rating because of the similarities to Spike, Tyke and Tom from MGM's cartoons. But I do love the animation in it along with Hawley Pratt's layouts. And as I said Junior's design is so flippin' cute, I'm sorry to repeat that part. So this is all I have to say about this Looney Tunes cartoon.

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But if you want a similar dog to Looney Tunes, we can still find your dream puppy, just click the button below. What do you think about Puppy Linux vs SliTaz?

SliTaz sounds like a modern Looney Tunes character, not a Linux version. Puppy Linux is a playful upstart, but it is debatable as to whether or not it is anything serious.

What is the difference between the two?

SliTaz uses the OpenBox desktop and BusyBox. It has a GNU license.

Puppy Linux has a word processing application.

Other Linux OS versions have Libre Office.

How do Puppy and SliTaz compare to those versions?

SliTaz is considered one of the light Linux operating systems, using only 256 MB of RAM.

Puppy Linux only needs 85 MB.

That’s 85 MB of hard disk space, and SliTaz is similar in memory space.

What difference does that make?

Slitaz can run from a CD Rom or USB key, but you can run it on an old PC, too.

The light Linux instances are popular on refurbished PCs sold or donated to poor people.

SliTaz is better for most users than Puppy Linux, though.

You just said both use little memory and RAM.

But Puppy does not have as many tools many Linux users, would be hackers or software developers, want. For example, SliTaz comes with SysLinux and more than 200 commands.

Not all users need that.

You get the SQLite database with SliTaz. And you get a lot of tools like the SSH client, an X window system and a sound file editor.

Yeah, I can see where having tools like that would be useful.

And Puppy has none of them, while it has less support online if you want to identify what versions of those tools you could install on your own system.

SliTaz is not much bigger in terms of user base.

SliTaz is in the 50s of Linux distributions, while Puppy is 11th. But that’s still a fraction of the Mint and Ubuntu and Debian installs, so you should get the one with more features over a fad that’s going to go away.

You want to put the puppy to sleep.

It is not the attack dog you think it is.

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. . . of the 270 Looney Tunes from the 1930s (NOT counting THE TALK-INK KID of 1929, which technically wasn't a Looney Tune since it was a pilot that Rudolf Ising and Hugh Harman were shopping around to all the studios as the waves of the Rich People Party's Depression Tsunami began breaking upon America's shores). While THE CURIOUS PUPPY may not be the worst of these 22 1/2 dozen animated shorts, few would argue that it's closer to the cream of the crop than the dregs at the bottom. The Warner Bros.' always prophetic cartoon prognosticators are murkier than usual in spelling out scenarios for Americans of (the Then) Far Future's Upcoming Doom, as well. But some of the Seasoned Explicators of these Nostradamus-like forecasts will see that the title pooch who gets his butt spanked and salted in the automatic popcorn machine (perhaps it's best not to discuss in front of a mixed audience which part of him gets buttered!) represents U.S. White House resident Don Juan Rump and his big brown watch dog playmate is, of course, none other than Rump's handler, Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin.

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