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Geckolepis isn't the only genus of gecko to have these strange, tear-away, regenerating scales. The first time Gamble had a freshly-denuded lizard (which he says looked somewhat like raw chicken) slip out of its skin in his hand, it was actually a Madagascan day gecko.

Sauropsida is not a class, it's a clade. Lizards are under the Reptilia class with the geckos.

is also a close relative to , the Jamaican "croaking lizard," which often finds its way into Jamaican households, much to the dismay of the inhabitants. Many Jamaicans fear this gecko because of its speed and ability to stick to walls, but especially because of the croaking sound it makes while they are trying to sleep.[]

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They may not be as chatty as geckos, but other lizards can also communicate audibly. In this author’s opinion, the complete powdered diet marketed as Repashy Superfoods “Crested Gecko” Diet has played a key role in making these geckos among the most popular of lizards kept as pets because it excludes the need to feed live insects. Gargoyle geckos thrive when fed this diet exclusively, which has been tested with thousands of geckos for more than 10 years. The diet is mixed with two parts water and offered in shallow dishes three times a week as much as these geckos will eat at a feeding. The diet is allowed to remain 24 to 36 hours before removal.

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Bearded Dragons require larger terrariums and higher temperatures than do Leopard Geckos, and must be provided with a (Leopard Geckos and other nocturnal lizards get along fine without UVB bulbs). Therefore, Leopard Geckos are the less-expensive pet, in terms of supplies and electricity use.

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Description: 4 - 5 in (10 - 13 cm). Unlike any native lizard, geckos have sticky toe pads, vertical pupils, and their large eyes lack eyelids. Indo-pacific geckos are generally light gray or almost white in color but may have some darker mottling. This species is most easily distinguished from the similar indo-pacific gecko by its bumpy or warty skin.Florida has several lizard species that are easy to find and interesting to watch. Geckos are so common in buildings in South Florida that they are called ‘house lizards.’ Anoles and skinks are easy to watch in almost any park or garden.Habits: Introduced geckos are almost completely nocturnal. Their sticky toe pads allow them to climb walls and they are often observed perched on walls around outside lights, waiting to grab insects attracted to the light. By day, these lizards hide in cracks, crevices, and under tree bark.Meet , a new species of fish-scaled gecko from that can drop its scales on demand—all the way down to the muscle. The tropical creature joins four other lizard species that lose their skin when threatened, similar to the well-known reptilian strategy of shedding tails to escape predators. (.)