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Treatment, if recommended, will depend on the type and location of the tumor or cancer. While the outcome for benign skin tumors is generally good, the general outcome for some cancers of the blood is poor and affected guinea pigs often live for only a few weeks after diagnosis.

This is really helpful for me. But I have heard that guinea pigs can live up to 8 years

American guinea pigs, along with all other guinea pig breeds, live for roughly 4 to 8 years. Of course, it depends on many factors, such as care, nutrition, environment and genetics.

Can Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Live Together? - YouTube

So the question we are asking is ‘can guinea pigs and dogs live together?’ Hi there! I am getting a pair of guinea pigs next week and have been doing a lot of research to make sure I am well prepared. I live in Singapore, a tropical country in Southeast Asia where it can get really hot in the afternoons.

Guinea pigs prefer to live in small groups

@Elsa, it's probably too late to return your guinea pig, but I suspect that it has fleas or lice. Both are very difficult to get rid of, but they must be gotten rid of or your guinea pig could die. First thing you want to do is look for tiny crawly dark bugs at the skin or "rice - looking" flecks. Either one is yucky bad. Get some mineral oil, which is found in the laxative aisle of any pharmacy or Walmart. Really rub a good amount through the guinea pig's hair all over the body. Leave the piggy oiled up for several days (she'll look silly). Then either use cornmeal to dust the piggy to have it absorb the oil or give the piggy a slightly warm bath using a couple drops of dawn dish soap (Palmolive is too fragrant). Wrap your piggy in a towel to stay warm until she is dry. Meanwhile, completely clean down the cage, sprinkle Borax all over the bottom of it and leave that on for 4 hours. Borax can be found in the laundry detergent aisle of the store. Throw away the Borax, clean the cage free of any Borax residue (I would use vinegar to clean and disinfect it). Put piggy back in the cage. Repeat all of this every few days for a couple of weeks if necessary. The Borax will kill flea eggs and larva.

Can Rabbits and Guinea pigs Live together? - YouTube

Of course before you attempt to introduce guinea pigs to each other, you need to be sure 100% that you know the sex of your guinea pigs. Please visit the following links below. If your still not sure, ask your vet. Please don'trely on pet shops, many pet shops do get the gender wrong. Some even allow mixed sexes to interact and live together so some sows may already be pregnant.Like the wild guinea pig, the domestic guinea pig thrives on having company of their own kind. Some guinea pigs may form very close relationships, others may not, but most are happy to have company and know thatthey aren't on their own. A guinea pig that has lived on their own, but is then introduced to another guinea pig that they like,often the changes in the lone guinea pig can be remarkable. They will run-around more, follow each other, they communicate with each other, some will even groom and sleep cuddled up next to eachother. Once the ranking order has been sorted out and they settle in together, you'll see how happy they are. Some people say that their lone guinea pig is never lonely, but nobody can be withthem 24 hours aday, plus humans can't speak a guinea pigs language. Guinea pigs really do thrive once a paring or group is established. Remember that 2 or more guinea pigs together feel less nervousthan one guinea pig living on their own.