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Several cities have now banned the sale of rabbits in pet stores. Such cities include New York City and Los Angeles. Rabbits in pet stores are traumatized. Most pet stores have the rabbits on display. They are mixed with guinea pigs, which is not recommended to mix the two species. The animals are constantly being stared at, poked at, and constantly have grubby hands reaching into pet them. This is a lot for the little creatures. They may become afraid of people, reacting in various ways. These rabbits can become violent and bite. Those that bite may be euthanized. Or they may never truly warm up to their new owners. The ones purchased quickly end up at a shelter. Roughly 80% of Easter bunnies end up at some sort of shelter. Some owners even set their domestic rabbits free, an environment the bunnies cannot handle.

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Pet Quality Bunnies For Sale Too many times we hear of baby buns not surviving days or weeks after purchase, or grow to be a 12 lb. bunny when the pet store told them it was a dwarf! The life of breeding female rabbits to equip stores with baby bunnies is usually the same as a puppy mill dog, bred over and over until she can not breed anymore. Many baby bunnies for sale are not healthy as they are taken away from their mother way too young, because tiny, baby bunnies sell better. Most pet store employees know nothing about that little bunny you are thinking about buying, and you will probably go home with bad advice, lack of knowledge, and poor products.

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Strolling down Santee Alley in LA’s Fashion District will reveal more than clothes for sale – there are bunnies. Marti Garcia saw three bunnies when she was shopping in the alley with colleagues last month, but noticed the little rabbits were in the blazing hot sun.

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