Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover. By modernistcat

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Clever cat litter box cover/ furniture. DIY project using STUVA kid's furniture from IKEA.

Cat litter box cover. Forget about the cat sand all over the place, when you can cover the box with such a wonderful cover and make it look just as any other furniture in your house. Elegance guaranteed.

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover

Litter Box Cover Cat Chest White Wood Clean Wooden Hidden Furniture Washroom New | eBay A quick search of cat litter box furniture will give you tons of options on how to hide your cat’s litter box and various cat litter box covers, but they can be quite expensive. We were already using an old cabinet, which was the bottom part of a 1980’s TV entertainment center, to block the litter box so I had an epiphany! Could I fit their extra large cat litter box INSIDE the cabinet?!

Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover

A litter box is probably one of the least appealing objects in the house. Fortunately, there are ways how to cover it. Take a look below to find out more about the cat litter boxes furniture which I found on the web. It's a simple way to hide what shouldn't be visible and yet let the pet use the box freely.

Cat Litter Box Furniture and Covered Cat Litter Box

The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet hides your cat's litter box messes while also providing you with an organizational piece of furniture. The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is large enough to fit most litter boxes, including extra large automatic boxes. Additional cat supplies (litter and scoop) can also be stored inside. The white paint finish complements most home decor Note: Product does not include litter box pan.Whether a litter box cover or a stylish pet bed, there is no denying that this elegant by Modern Cat Designs, will fit the classy kitty as well as their fashion conscious owner. This modern piece of furniture can be easily assembled in under 20 minutes. It fits the standard large size litter pans, making it perfect for two cats or many common pillow sizes in case you’ll be using it as a .The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is an attractive piece of furniture to hide your cat's litter box. This piece of furniture can also be used as an organizational space to store litter and other cat supplies.Suitable for indoor use, this fine litter box furniture is crafted of durable wood and covered in distressed finish. The inside is spacious enough for your cat to have a comfortable alone time, entering the litter box through the cut-out hole for easy access.