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Promote calm and well-being in your pet’s home with Kaytee Soft Granule Lavender Pet Bedding. The soothing natural lavender is ideal for creating a peaceful atmosphere as well as managing pet odor! Lavender buds mixed into the pet substrate mask the scent of pet waste, especially ammonia. Unwanted odors are also absorbed by the pillow-soft pet bedding material, making it a great addition to the home of your guinea pig, hamster, mouse, rat, rabbit, or other small pet. And while the Soft Granule Lavender is colored, rest assured that your small pet won’t be; the colorfast dye sticks to the bedding, not to your pet or his habitat. Your little furry friend will love nesting in the safe, cozy fluff of Kaytee Soft Granule Lavender Pet Bedding. Pet parents: you are sure to enjoy Soft Granule Lavender almost as much as your pets, but for thoroughly different reasons! Besides controlling odor, this premium pet bedding is easy to maintain and clean up. It’s easy to vacuum or sweep if your small pet happens to kick it outside of his habitat. Moreover, Kaytee Soft Granule Lavender Pet Bedding is an environmentally friendly pet substrate option. The primary ingredient is converted wood fiber unsuitable for paper production; instead of being sent to the landfill, the wood fibers are reconstituted into a super soft bedding material that pets love. And when you’re pet is done with it, you have the option to be sustainable, too! Simply flush soiled pet bedding in small amounts, or compost it and use it for mulch. Pet parents should replace Soft Granule Lavender at least once weekly while cleaning the enclosure; your own cleaning frequency may vary depending on the size of your pet and how many you have. The lavender variety of this pet substrate is available in a 10 liter and a 27.5 liter size, so you have the option to buy as much or as little as you like depending on your pet’s needs.

Lovebirds Lavender twin bedding set. Sleep peacefully in soft Lavender with embroidery of birds. Popular argyle print with Lavende

The rescue I volunteer with had a pig come in who had a skin reaction to being kept on lavender scented bedding. He appeared to be burnt with it, like chemical burns. Areas of skin came out in scab-like lumps, one of which came off showing sebum seepage mixed with blood.

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27.5 liter naturally scented wood fiber small animal bedding and litter with real lavender. Soft and pillowy to the touch.
At west elm, we carry blue bedding in many different fabrics, sizes and styles. Whether you’re adding a throw blanket to a favorite or updating the look of your bedroom from scratch, we make it easy to shop for sheets, blankets, pillowcases and decorative pillows that make getting creative with your decor a breeze. Light, airy sky blues mingle with bright cobalt blues, muted indigos and even shades of lavender, giving you a cornucopia of options to choose from. For sheets, choose rich fabrics such as Belgian flax or cotton percale. Thread counts between 200 and 400 make our high-quality, durable bed sheets light, crisp and soft against your skin. Blue quilts and coverlets in matching Belgian flax offer a spa-like sleeping experience. Ikat quilts and stitched in puffy light pool-blue cotton keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather, wrapping you in a cloud of softness, while Indian tassel quilts and silk-stitched coverlets provide extra warmth and weight. Pintucked comforters draw inspiration from fairy tales to add elegance and style, while ultra-smooth silk blankets make slipping into bed an experience you’ll look forward to every night.

lavender girls bedding from Pottery Barn Kids

This Lavender Zebra Bedding Collection Comforter Set brings personality and color to any bedroom! The comforter face features a bright lavender zebra print design, and the reverse features a lavender leopard print. Shams showcase zebra print, and the coordinating bed skirt is leopard print. All components of the sheet sets are lavender leopard print. Made in USA.

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