Why use lattice graphics? (Frank Murrell)

Recently I found a post at FlowingData with a detailed tutorial to map connections with great circles with R. The tutorial of FlowingData is excellent, but I feel more comfortable with the sp classes and methods, and with the lattice and latticeExtra packages. Besides, I want to use the free spatial data available from the

Member of R-Core & the creator of lattice

The is associated with 45 whose underlying lattice has of order 24, while the consists of the 27 space groups such that all space groups with the same point group are in the hexagonal lattice system.

To install package lattice, use this command inside R:

For more information see also the lattice help pages or the lattice book by Deepayan Sarkar: . A submodule of which is again a lattice is an -pure sublattice if / is -torsionfree. There is a one-to-one correspondence between -pure sublattices of and -subspaces of given by

I am using the lattice library in R, with the following command:

Deepayan is an Associate Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, and a member of R-Core. He is the creator of the lattice package, and the author of the corresponding book .

create (but don't plot) the lattice/trellis plot objects, then

is a flexible function, it can create lattices ofarbitrary dimensions, periodic or unperiodic ones. It has twoforms. In the first form you only supply , but not and . In the second form you omit and supply and . , originally developed for S and S-PLUS at the Bell Labs, is a framework for data visualization developed by R. A. Becker, W. S. Cleveland, et al, extending ideas presented in Cleveland’s 1993 book . The Lattice API is based on the original design in S, but extends it in many ways. The lattice add-on package is an implementation of Trellis graphics for R. It is a powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system with an emphasis on multivariate data. It is designed to meet most typical graphics needs with minimal tuning, but can also be easily extended to handle most nonstandard requirements. Building on the infrastructure provided by the lattice package, this package provides several new high-level functions and methods, as well as additional utilities such as panel and axis annotation functions.The latest released version of lattice, which may be more recent than the version that came with R, is available from . The latest development snapshot is available at Lattice graphics are a comprehensive graphical system in their own right. Deepanyan Sarkar's book is the definitive reference. Additionally, see the . Dr. Ihaka has created a wonderful on the subject. An excellent early consideration of trellis graphs can be found in W.S. Cleveland's classic book .