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We estimated the potential hydraulic conductivity of growth rings in large understory trees compared to overstory trees, and evaluated the responses to canopy release in large trees and in saplings.

Nick Grillet of Performance Designs takes us through packing a large canopy using a Sabre2 260.

Know the recommended canopy wing loading for the event. While not set in stone, a wing loading between 1.25 and 1.75 is typically recommended on large formation skydives so that all canopies will be flying at roughly the same speed. Weights increase a canopy’s wing loading and jumpers should already know if they can safely fly their canopies with the additional weight.

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Is Large Canopy / Gazebo type on left side of following Conrad Tent link what you are looking for?? Retractable canopies are large shading structures built over the deck and mounted to the house and decking. The shading fabric slides open and closed along overhead tracks. You can retract each canopy independently of the others. The best time to choose these systems is when you're planning a new deck, so you can incorporate the support posts into the design.Pros: With structures up to 21 ft. long and nearly 27 ft. wide, the systems will cover almost any size deck. Each canopy is retractable, and it's the only system that allows the canopies to be partially retracted, giving you more control over your shade. More than 40 fabric colors are available to match your home's decor. Block sun (and increase privacy) along the sides by fastening vertical blinds to the overhead structure.Cons: You can install the canopies on existing decks, but the support posts may not look consistent with your current decking materials and could become obstructions. The overhead structure and posts stay in place even when the canopy is retracted.Installation: Although retractable canopies are preassembled (precut and predrilled), installation is not for a beginning do-it-yourselfer. Brackets are mounted to your siding and the posts to your decking, and you need to measure accurately before ordering the parts. But if you have some carpentry skills, you should be able to handle the job. Otherwise, hire a professional installer recommended by the manufacturer. Aluminum or vinyl systems are available. You can also buy only the canopy system and build your own wooden structure to support it.

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For even more shade, plant trees in the ground around the deck. Maple trees are one good choice because they have dense foliage for blocking the sun and are fast growing, so you won't have to wait 20 to 30 years to reap the benefits. Ask about other choices at a local nursery. In many ways, trees are the best shade system because they can shade large areas, provide privacy and beautify your yard. The downside is you have to wait several years for results.

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