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Bolster beds are made of soft fabric and plush padding, so they are not ideal for outdoor cats. Sizing is especially important when choosing any bed, but especially bolsters. Too small and your kitty will feel too cramped to relax, too large and your cat may not feel secure enough to rest. Your bolster bed should be large enough for an adult cat to stretch out and lounge should they choose to do so, but small enough to give them the sense of security they need to rest.

A panel on this bed's upholstered headboard opens to offer storage for a large bolster pillow.

Canine Security: The Bolster Feels Safe
But for a dog the bolster is also about feeling secure. While it might seem like a modern luxury, the bolster actually appeals to a dog’s ancestral inclinations. Dogs are den animals; the raised back or border surrounding her sleeping space provides a sense of security that recalls a den in the wild, and the pillow also gives her a commanding view of her surroundings. If she’s a back sleeper or sprawler, a large bolster dog bed still gives her the option to use the pillow; a smaller size is just right for small breeds and dog bed-stealing cat thieves.

Cottage Home Natural Dainty Ruffle Large Bolster.

Plush Pet Cover with Bolster-Large - contemporary - pet accessories - - by Improvements Catalog Small Round Yoga Bolster
22” x 7”
Like the small rectangular, the small round yoga bolster is a small bolster with infinite possibilities.
Its cylindrical shape will contour to the shape of your body, providing firm support for the neck, knees, and lumbar spine. Is also perfect for any pose where you need a little extra height and support when the larger studio round or rectangular is to large.

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My 6 year old 130 pound Great Dane loves this bed! I bought the extra large and it's perfect for her. She can curl up against the bolster, or stretch out completely. And it's thick enough that she never sinks all the way down. The only downside is that it's a bit difficult to remove the cover. The first bed I bought held up great for 4.5 years--it was the cover that gave way first. What I did with the new one is I bought a waterproof mattress cover for it, then a pretty duvet cover to go over that. So the whole bed has extra protection and the duvet cover is easy to take off and wash. Hope this helps!

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Span bolsters have been used for some high-capacity . The most common use is for large to haul large, heavy loads. These cars need many axles to distribute the weight. Specialized with up to 72 wheels have been built for carrying large heavy items. Often the span bolsters connecting the trucks are connected by additional span bolsters to the car. The use of span-bolster-connected trucks is essential to allow the load to be transported through curves.Adorable! I I once made a couple of really big bolsters using a pool noodle, cut to size and wrapped in quilt batting. It ends up being totally seamless and really functional, because it keeps its shape. Just FYI for any of you looking to make one of these on a large scale!