Recording and reporting scanning data for NSIP/LAMBPLAN

Keiko's anti-LaMB organization and conspiracy is discovered, and she is put into a lamb suit. Due to recent developments in technology her suit is part plant possibly. She goes on a rampage and tries to destroy Eve1135, but she is immobilized by touching Griswold while she attacked him. She loses her balance and falls off the building. Eve1135 is eventually released from prison (possibly hundreds of years later) and she is just Sara Integra and she kisses Griswold after they put flowers on his wife's grave.

Choose "Export to LAMBPLAN..." from the File menu to use the new Export to LAMBPLAN module.

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LambPlan - North American Clun Forest Association

If you want to define a LAMBPLAN syndicate, create a Log entry common to all of the rams in thesyndicate and put The conception method has a value of 1 (Natural) by default. You can specify a different value forCM in one of two ways. In the case of AI, the Breeding Activity record of the Dam around the time of conceptioncan be used to assign the CM as AI (with a numeric value of 3) if the Breeding Activity is oftype "AI". If you want to assign the value of CM directly or if you want to assign it toany value other than 1 (Natural) or 3 (AI), you will need to put a keyword in to the Description fieldor Note field on the sheep record directly. Alternatily this can be on a Log Entry for the sheepwith the Category of "Birth". To enter the sheep as being the result of ET useLAMBPLAN_CM: 2
Note that the XML-file based format and PedigreeMaster apply different meanings for values above 3. Be sure to use the codes appropriate for yourexport target.

LAMBPLAN Breed Improvement Program

If you specified a CM value of 2 (ET) as described above, you probably want to specify whowas the recipient of the embryo transfer since the Dam on the sheep record is the genetic dam(and the Raised By field goes into the LAMBPLAN FOSTER field). Specify the RECIP by putting"LAMBPLAN_RECIP:" in the same place you put the LAMBPLAN_CM keyword but on a separate lineand followed by the LAMBPLAN ID of the recipient ewe.

Shepherd Lamb Plan - Cherry Tree Toys

Overcooking would NOT have been a problem with my original lamb plan: a tagine, or Moroccan lamb stew, courtesy of the now-defunct and much-missed Gourmet Magazine. But I had to change that plan after the butcher talked me out of the cut of meat I wanted.Producers may also apply for 50 cents for each sheep enrolled in an authorized sheep improvement program. There is a $500 maximum on this payment. An example of a sheep improvement plan is the National Sheep Improvement Program, the lamb plan and the Ewe Byte.