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The beneficial tax position, more precise timing of distributions, in conjunction with the features that make KMR shares more attractive to institutional investors than KMP units, suggests that if the two securities were to trade at different prices, the KMR shares would sell at a premium.

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Kinder Morgan Management, LLC and Enbridge Energy Management, LLC are two uniquely structured entities within the broad MLP space. They both pay dividends in additional shares based upon the distributions of their underlying Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:) and Enbridge Energy Partners, LP (NYSE:), respectively, divided by the average market price of KMR and EEQ shares for the 10 day trading period immediately prior to their ex-dividend dates. KMR and EEQ have the same business model risk profiles as their underlying MLPs and the same investment pros and cons adjusted for the additional benefits discussed below.

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The accumulated shares of KMR that are paid out in lieu of cash distributions are stepped up to the current market price at time of death... KMP has no benefit over KMR with respect to tax basis stepped up.

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Below, we examine the compound annual growth rate — CAGR for short — of an investment into KMR shares, starting with a $10,000 purchase of KMR, and working forward through the historical stock price information to today.As shown in the first chart, KMR has continued to trade at a varying discount to KMP, while in comparison EEQ is trading at a slight premium to EEP. This discrepancy does not make sense. The additional benefits of these structures argue for some kind of consistent small premium over the underlying MLP unit price. Furthermore, the KMR discount is also a compounding benefit over time since the amount of the KMR stock dividend is based on the KMP quarterly distribution divided by the KMR stock price, meaning you will effectively get more shares in KMR while it continues to remain at a discount to KMP and thus compound your investment at a slightly better rate (note the better relative performance of KMR vs. EEQ over the period shown). Kinder Morgan's excellent management team must have a similar view since they have been buying KMR shares at a faster rate than KMP units (please see page 7 of this ).