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I screamed that phrase at least five times a day. This was step one of CitiKitty training: A solid dish on our toilet bowl, with litter in it. This was before we introduced The Hole.

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While it may seem like a dream come true to have your cat use the bathroom toilet instead of a messy litter box, there are many things that go in to the proper training. In addition to the training, there are a variety of pros and cons to being a pet owner of a cat who uses the toilet. The most obvious reason to want to teach your cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box is the now clean area where the litter box once sat. If you only have one toilet in your home, that could be a reason why you would want your kitty to have it’s own place to relieve himself, instead of your toilet.

Litter Kwitter | Cat toilet training system

Kitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Potty Urinal Litter Thanksgivieng Day Special | eBay Similar to the CitiKitty product, the Litter Kwitter toilet-training kit also comes with a removable toilet seat, three different-sized litter trays and an instructional video for owners. Promising to toilet train your cat in an estimated eight weeks, the Litter Kwitter hopes to avoid the need for smelly and germ-infested litter boxes. Unlike the CitiKitty, the Litter Kwitter does provide a litter environment but slowly takes it away as the cat adapts to the toilet seat itself. Developed by animal behaviorists and breeders, this is a safe and easy method for your kitty to learn to use human facilities. (Petco, $50)

You can train your cat to use the toilet

I had a sick little office cat that stayed the size of a kitten. I hate kitty litter so I trained her with one of these. She got to the last stage but then she passed away :(. Too funny when my husband would open the door to the bathroom and see our little cat doing her business. FYI when you start the next stages a fair bit of kitty litter does get into the toilet because of their scratching.
Good luck!!

Is my cat too heavy to toilet train

Litter Kwitter and CitiKitty are the most popular cat toilet training systems and kits available on the market today, and they are presented below.

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The key to toilet training your cat is having a good training seat to help your cat make the transition from litter box to toilet. CitiKitty's Toilet Training Kit comes with an easy-to-follow training guide and training tips and their training seat holds virtually any size cat. We have seen a few other training devices on the market but find they are either cheaply made and flimsy or are too expensive and demand your cat to learn in too few steps.