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Put a decorative Japanese shoji screen in front of the litter pan. Although screens are more commonly used as attractive room dividers, use one to cordon off a section of a room to obscure Kitty's litter pan. The screen also provides her with privacy while she does her business. Purchase shoji screens online or at Japanese furniture stores. Other types of concealing screens are sold at most pet supply shops.

Cat Screen- Kitty Litter Screen- Cat Box Privacy Screen- Pet Gate- Cat Box Divider.

Where are your litter boxes located? Hopefully, you already know that they should be in an easily accessible location, and not stashed away in some dark corner of your basement. If the box is hard to get to, . Ideally, litter boxes should be located where your cat spends most of her time – and for most of us, that is where we spend most of our time. Enter Catitions. These beautiful privacy screens offer an attractive way to not only conceal the litter box, they also offer kitty privacy while she’s doing her business.

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Cat Screen- Kitty Litter Screen- Cat Box Privacy Screen- Pet Gate- Cat Box Divider .. Start with an inexpensive prefab cabinet. This project works best with a cabinet that has doors that open in the front, for easy cleanup and access to the litter pan. Look for a unit that might also double as an end table or bench. This particular cabinet has two sections. One will be where the kitty can do her business and the other section is where she can clean her feet before stepping back out into the kitchen. Once you’ve chosen your piece, simply disassemble its side door. You’ll now trace out an opening. You’ll want it to be big enough to accommodate your kitty, but no so big that you lose the piece’s sense of privacy and discretion.

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Give your kitty their privacy with this useful and stylish Customizable Litter Box Screen from Purr Palace. We offer various sizes, colors and designs.

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