Adorable Kitten on a White Background With Birthday Hat.

I know a lot of people are opposed to dressing up your cat – I don’t think of putting a birthday hat on for 30 seconds for a quick photo as dressing up my cat. Nonetheless, I am opposed to dressing up cats – unless they need it for warmth. The curling ribbon on the hat could be VERY dangerous for your kitty if eaten and swallowed. Furthermore, the hat could cut off your kitty’s circulation, so be aware of these things and only proceed if you believe you are not harming your kitty. Your finished birthday hat should always be kept out of reach of your cat and should only be around your cat when you are there with it.

Vintage Marjorie Cooper Kitten With Flower Hat To My Aunt Birthday Greeting Card

When my daughter was little, she always dressed up our kittens & cats. They seemed to enjoy the attention. From “broken arm casts” made of toilet paper to ready made doll dresses. It made our cats very tolerant of being handled and kept her busy which made me happy. As with yours, they were dressed, photographed and then undressed. I think the birthday hats are hysterical – but your boys (esp Trigg) may have another opinion! And I do think Andy would have the same opinion – if a single piece of dry kibble was not involved 😀

The important thing is that you are living your best cat life

birthday kitten: Funny photo of a cute cat wearing a pink birthday party hat with. Cute Boston Terrier puppy and little kitten standing together wearing blue and pink party hats with a birthday cake with lit candles in front of them

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It seems Lolita the cat likes to celebrate her birthday in style. In November 2013 her owner, Sammi, organised a cute birthday party that was attended by four others cats and the “birthday princess” herself. It seems the gathering was a success as Lolita sits pretty with her Hello Kitty hat whilst her guests calmly sit around the table. Credit: YouTube/鄭朵兒

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