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At Mickey’s we are partial to all pets, but we love our cats! Since we have 3 of our own and have always had cats we only carry cat toys that our own cats love and we trust.The number one favorite of all our cats is the Yeowww! catnip toys. All our cats go nuts over the Yeowww! Rainbow and Cigar. They put the best of only organic catnip leaves so they have an irresistible aroma. The Pet Candy Kittles and Catnip Stix are also full of the best organic and potent catnip around.

Almost anything can be a toy, not only specially manufactured toys for kittens.

Kittens like toys that they can fight with. Stuffed toys around their own size are great for wrestling and smaller plush toys make good prey. Kittens like to “hunt” then and then carry them around as prizes.

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Make sure though, to always use those string type toys to play with your kitten, Despite all your best efforts and all the amazing kitten toys you’ll bring home, the chances are that your kitten will decide its favourite toy in the whole world is the Amazon box that your last delivery came in or that pine cone you brought home. Be careful with the things your kitten plays with though. Plastic bags can be great fun to pounce into, but they’re a suffocation hazard and toxic if your kitten decides to chew on it and accidentally swallows a bit of it. Again, anything that may have small pieces that could come off and be choked on should be kept out of the way. Bags or shoe laces that an over excited kitten could get tangled up in shouldn’t be left out when you’re not around.

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Things that move make great, low effort toys. Such things could be laser pointers or remote control mice. However, just like people, cats like to play games they can win. So if you play with the laser pointer, give your cat something to actually catch at the end of it. With remote control toys, make sure your kitten can’t get the batteries out while you’re not around.

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Kittens love to play. They enjoy pretending to stalk various objects, pounce on them and then attack with all their kitten energy. You have probably noticed that there are all sorts of cat toys for sale. The other end of the string is usually anchored to a fuzzy mouse, a ball, a feather, or any other of a number of small but safe playthings. These toys are a great way to interact with the new kitten. While you may decide to purchase any of these for your full-grown cat, you will need to be more selective when choosing playthings or toys for kittens. You don’t want to test the 9 lives theory if you can avoid it.What’s for play and what is completely off-limits due to health or safety reasons. You’ll have to devote extra time and effort especially in the beginning, to make sure your kitten never tries to swallow any toys. This includes specialized made for cat toys.