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Weaning is tough on a mama cat. Her eight mammary glands may appear red and swollen during nursing and weaning, but they should heal. If her teats look like they're getting worse after the kittens are through with them, she could have a medical issue. Sometimes this will look like there's still milk in her breast. If her stomach's hard to the touch or the milk is discolored, that's a sure sign somethings amiss. If it seems like your mama cat shouldn't still be lactating -- or if anything else is out of the ordinary -- contact your vet.

my 7 month old male kitten's stomach feels hard, and he hasn't had a bowel movement in awhile

Avoid stressing the digestive system (e.g. over-feeding, hard-to-digest food, irregular meals) as this can cause diarrhoea. Less commonly, a kitten may be allergic to certain foods or ingredients. Kittens have small stomachs and need several small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. Kittens can eat two-three times as much as an adult! A well-fed kitten is active, healthy, grows well and has good bowel motions. Over-feeding causes obesity, lethargy and orthopaedic problems due to too much stress on bones and joints.Weaning hand-reared kittens is a messy business. Be prepared for them to paddle in their food, shovel it around and get it all over themselves. Clean up the kittens before the food becomes encrusted in their fur or around their eyes and noses. Dried food can cause constipation if the kittens are not used to drinking additional water. Do not introduce them to dry food too early. Only use kitten or cat formula foods. That designed for dogs or humans lacks vital nutrients and may contain things toxic to cats.

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I recently rescued a newborn kitten, I wanna say he was about a day old when he was found A general term for abdominal pain. Classic colic in infants is usually caused by an accumulation of gas in the stomach which causes the abdomen to swell. Gas trapped further along is "trapped wind" and causes similar pain. The abdomen becomes hard and bloated and the kitten shows signs of distress which may agitate the mother. Colic may be caused by overfeeding, bacterial infection, incorrect milk mixture, feeding too fast. Because the mother becomes distressed, remove the kitten from the nest to treat it. Abdominal pain will be eased by releasing the gas build-up. Gently stroke the abdomen with warm damp cotton wool until the gas is released from one or other end of the kitten. If the gas is not released, seek veterinary help. The kitten should be fed little and often once it recovers. If it is prone to colic it may need preventative measures e.g. 0.5 ml Asalone (from chemists) 30 mins before feeding.If all kittens in a litter are colicky, there is a problem with the mother's milk. Some mothers produce too strong milk. Antibiotics given to the mother can cause colic in the kittens. In these cases, hand-rearing is necessary.This is fairly common in hand reared kittens. A mother cat stimulates a kitten's anal region frequently. A human surrogate may only stimulate it two or three times a day. Kittens should be stimulated to pass a bowel motion after every 3 feeds otherwise faeces accumulates in the rectum and colon. The longer faeces remains in the colon, the more water is reabsorbed from it and the drier and harder it becomes. This in turn makes it harder to expel the motion. Build-up of faeces in the rectum and colon can be toxic. A constipated kitten may have a hard, distended or tender abdomen. If it strains to defecate this can cause

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Hello all cats lover. Firstly, i would like apologize as this post will be long and also please forgive may bad english language.
I would like to ask, did u guys even happen to met a kitten around 2 month old constipated for a long time and at the end of his/her day, her belly started to bloated, vomit yelow in colour, stomach full of liquid just in a blink of an eye, cant move and eventually he/she died? It happened just one day.
I do have one, she had been diagnos by a vet and they prescribed her something like stool softener, 0.3ml two times per day, after a week her stool show no change, i went back to the vet as been told to go there after a week of the stool didnt came out, suddenly another vet at the same place told it should be 1ml three times per day, so i went back home and continued giving her that medication, after three days from tht day, her stool start to came out, i informed the vet as i worried about her because she’ve been straining the whole day and her stomach seem to be hard, and hot. But then the vet said its okay, just continue until her stomach empty from that hard and big stool. After a few days, her stomach seem to bloated, still hot, and hard. As i was planing to bring her again to the vet, she strt straining to poop again and suddenly, i can hear her voice like she was in pain. I checked her stomach, the hard, hot and swollen stomach has gone, and after that she strt vomit yellowish, and after a while i can feel her stomach full with liquid. It happen just in a blink of eye, i felt reslly guilty as i cant make it in time to bring her to the vet, eventhought i was trying to bring her. 🙁

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